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This commodity originally appeared in the November 1986 affair of SPIN.

The Human Computer - Chance and Choice - playing card birthday chart

The Human Computer – Chance and Choice – playing card birthday chart | playing card birthday chart

Iggy Pop is the archetypal bandage hero, the earliest punk, the quintessential bedrock brilliant who preceded bedrock ‘n’ cycle by a few amateur years. His aboriginal albums, classically raw and primitive, were recorded in some alien flat in prehistory.

He adapted his aboriginal band, the Stooges, from a one-note samba bandage alleged the Bedraggled Shames, into apparently the aboriginal abundant metal hardcore band. Iggy was absolutely the aboriginal achievement artist. He wore a ballerina accouterments and golf shoes, or blush hot pants with aerial top atramentous boots, abused his admirers with blame and spit, chipped his teeth with his microphone, cut himself on burst beer bottles, formed about on lit cigarette butts, and affable into the army abdomen first. But below this wild, cocky annihilative dement is a sweet, intelligent, adorable boy-man, butterfingers of against bodies in accustomed situations lest he affront them.

“You can alarm me Jimmy, or you can alarm me Iggy. My parents alleged me James Osterberg, Jr. Iggy was a appellation afraid on me that I didn’t decidedly like. Aback I was in aerial school, I was in a bandage alleged the Iguanas. Aback I got out of aerial school, I abdicate academy afterwards one division and got a job as a banal boy at Discount Annal in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My assorted administration at Discount Records, aback they capital to get a acceleration out of me, acerbate me, accomplish my face about-face red, or accredit to my boyish hyperkinetic behavior, they would alarm me Iggy or Iguana.”

“At the aforementioned time, for bristles sets a night, six nights a week, I was arena in a bandage alleged the Prime Movers, which was an effete, Bohemian, bookish dejection bandage of 25- and 26-year-olds. I was 18, which was a big age aberration at that time. About a year and a bisected afterwards the Prime Movers, I formed the Stooges and anticipation I had heard the aftermost of that nickname.”

“However, with the actual aboriginal Stooges gig we played in 1968, which was additional bill to Blood, Sweat and Tears at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, a analyst from the apprentice cardboard at the University of Michigan, instead of reviewing Blood, Sweat and Tears, adherent about the absolute analysis to the Stooges, adage Blood, Sweat and Tears are a packaged act who accept anesthetized their prime, and the absolute adventure tonight came from a bounded band, the Stooges, fronted by diva Iggy Osterberg. The commodity mentioned our use of avant-garde instruments that I congenital in a junkyard, our date set and costumes, the beforehand of our music and decidedly ‘Iggy’s’ dancing.”

“I took abundant agenda of that allotment at the time, because in the Ann Arbor breadth abandoned there were at atomic 20 full-time, more-than-competent bands, all busting their assurance for the aforementioned few gigs in the area, all alive their asses off to accomplish it in the almanac business. There were MC5, SRC, the Bob Seger System, Ted Nugent’s Amboy Dukes, Dick Wagoner’s the Frost, Terry Knight and the Pack, afterwards to become Grand Funk Railroad. The account goes on and on.”

“I saw an befalling there and never looked back. This name’s catchy. Bodies now knew me by this name, so I ashore with it. Afresh I anticipation I’d tag a acceptable aftermost name assimilate it, and because this articulate like appearance business, I came up with Pop. I was never Iggy Stooge. That was an apparatus of Elektra Annal for what is alleged artefact identification. They put Iggy Stooge on our aboriginal album—gave everybody the aforementioned aftermost name, like what Danny Fields afterwards did with the Ramones—and I addled out.”

“When I activate a able accord with somebody, generally I’m alleged Iggy. Aback I met Jerry Moss, administrator of A&M Records, he alleged me Iggy. The president, however, consistently calls me Jim. The acclaim agenda aggregation calls me James. Aback my father’s in a acceptable mood, he calls me Iggy, aloof to altercation me. Occasionally my ancestor calls me Jimbo, and sometimes my wife does, too. My admirers calls me Iggy, but groupies consistently alleged me Jim, because Iggy’s not a adventurous name. It’s a alarming name. It’s the affectionate of name that, aback shouted beyond a room, makes nice bodies wince. It’s a alarming bold bing alleged Iggy, no catechism about it. I’m absolutely appreciative to be Iggy Pop, but if anyone’s added adequate calling me Jim, that’s fine, too.”

Iggy had a accustomed childhood, except that he had bronchial asthma, which prevented him from actuality afterwards developed administration for added than 20 account at a time, and he lived in a bivouac affected abreast US 23, amid Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. From ages 8 to 13 he lived in a 45′ x 8′ New Moon, the archetypal acclimated in the cine The Long, Continued Trailer, starring Lucy and Desi. His parents afterwards traded if for a 50′ x 10′ Vagabond, which they still alive in.

Iggy’s pop is an English lit teacher, who, afore Apple War II, played aboriginal abject in the Brooklyn Dodger organization. Aback Iggy grew up, he was a Yankee fan. Aback he was absolutely young, he capital to be like Frank Sinatra, and later, aback he was a jailbait and capital to go into politics, John F. Kennedy. Afterwards that, there’s been a lot of bodies he admired in the movies, such as Klaus Kinski and Clint Eastwood.

“I comedy a bit of golf, article I do on a annual base with my father. We’re both affectionate of athletic, alfresco people. If I was bedridden now, it would be high, about fifteen or sixteen. I shoot in the nineties, which isn’t bad for addition who plays a brace of weeks a year, but I still got a appropriate stroke. Aback I was about seventeen, I acclimated to shoot in the low eighties, and I can still, on a actual acceptable day. I alone took up golf aback I was sixteen.”

“My accurate weakness in golf would apparently be strategic. Added than anything, I tend to go for the big attempt aback I should comedy it safe. I aloof can’t abide the adventure of activity for the actual difficult shot.”

“Like, let’s say I’m two hundred yards from the green. It’s a par four, four hundred yards. I duffed my drive and bisected duffed my additional shot. I now lie 2,200 yards from the pin. Now, there’s baptize in advanced of the green, beach on the left, and dupe on the right.”

CREDIT: Jack Robinson/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

“If I booty out a three-iron and hit it really, absolutely well, one attempt in fifteen, I can hit that three-iron aloof far abundant so it’s activity to go bottomward at one hundred ninety yards, which is about the bend of the green, cycle the added yards, and afresh I can bead the putt and still save the par four.”

Astrology Birth Chart Analysis, How To Read Natal Chart - playing card birthday chart

Astrology Birth Chart Analysis, How To Read Natal Chart – playing card birthday chart | playing card birthday chart

“But, if I don’t, I’m gonna end up in the trap, in the water, or in the woods, and I’m gonna be penalized, admitting if I would aloof booty out the five-iron and lay it up one hundred fifty yards anywhere, basically, in advanced of the blooming and accept a simple angle over, I get bottomward with my bogie. That’s the affectionate of bearings that would prove my weakness. The added affair I do amiss is that I exhausted from the heels. You don’t exhausted adamantine in golf to hit the brawl actual far. You accept to exhausted accessible and accept a acceptable faculty of timing.”

“How this relates to the blow of my life, well, I assumption at times my assignment has tended to be spotty. Often, in the past, I would apprehend to go out and accord an about amazing achievement every night, and I absolutely didn’t affliction if the business was beeline or I didn’t accomplish abiding the set was gong to be continued enough. All I cared about was that aback Iggy Pop got on that stage, article atomic had to happen.”

Everything Iggy did in the accomplished was extreme, from bistro to bubbler to drugging to womanizing to music. Aback Iggy took a shower, he’d put one duke on the cold-water faucet, one on the hot, and depending aloft which one he turned, booty a baking hot or an ice-cold shower. Instead of application a washcloth, Iggy acclimated a scouring pad.

“Onstage I’ve been hit by a grapefruit, beer cans, eggs, spit, money, cigarette butts, Mandies, Quaaludes, joints, bras, panties, and a fist. We were arena a gig at a abode alleged the Bedrock ‘n’ Cycle Farm in Wayne, Michigan, in the backward 1970s, and some guy kept egging me—throwing eggs at me and all over the stage—and assuredly I got ailing of it and alleged this adulterated out.”

“He was abundant bigger than me, a 6’5″ abundance man cutting a ample checkerboard lumberjack shirt, a address glove, and a big grin, and he stood there cat-and-mouse for me to accost him, so I came up to him and, affectionate of like a altercate cock, put my fists in a angry position. He decked me with one punch. I knew he would, but I couldn’t aback down. At the time I was a little altered than I am now.”

For Iggy, the years from 1968 to 1973, during which the Stooges recorded “I Wanna Be Your Dog,” “1969,” “Real Cool Time” (The Stooges), “TV Eye,” “Down On the Street,” “Funhouse” (Funhouse), “Search and Destroy,” “Gimme Danger,” and “Raw Power” (Raw Power), were the Dark Ages; 1973 to 1976 were alike darker. That’s aback Iggy, below abeyance by his management, lived in Hollywood below the access of drugs, groupies, and delusions of grandeur. In backward 1976 and ’77, things angry about aback David Bowie, whom Iggy had aboriginal met in the aback allowance of Max’s Kansas City in 1970, toured with Iggy as his keyboard amateur and bandleader and formed with him on The Idiot and Lust for Life.

“The aboriginal big-ticket claimed affair I bought with my aboriginal big paycheck, not counting drugs, was in Berlin, Germany, in 1977, afterwards I had accomplished The Idiot album, and I had got a rather ample beforehand for the Lust for Activity album. David and I had bent that we would almanac the anthology actual quickly, which we wrote, recorded, and alloyed in eight days, and because we had done it so quickly, we had a lot of money larboard over from the advance, which we split.”

“With my share, I adapted my apartment, which was on the fourth attic in the aback allotment of the architecture in which David had a adequately large, handsome place. My abode busy for $80 a month—three rooms, a kitchen, bedroom, and article like a active room, all tiny, with a distinct alley active bottomward the side. A man who was too old to airing up the accomplish anymore had lived there afore me, and there were maybe six or seven layers of linoleum in the kitchen, which I bald off one at a time.”

“I absitively I admired the place, and with the money I bought nice rugs, wallpaper, and an oak table with the German hawkeye burden for the four legs and huge oaken chairs with covering backs that had an cabalistic attribute of some abstruse German clan. Those were absolutely the aboriginal things I bought, afore the wallpaper and the rugs. I had this bald apartment, algid water, atramentous stove, the cabalistic chairs, and the eagle-motif oaken table, and I wrote Lust for Activity there.”

In backward 1982 Iggy saw the affection of his life, onstage and off, activity down. He saw the affection of the shows activity down, too; alike aback he took something, he still saw it. It wasn’t giving him the addition that he anticipation he had needed. The groupies were accepting uglier, the hotels were accepting seedier, the almanac companies were accepting smaller, his acceptance was diminishing, and his shows were disasters.

He’d deathwatch up in the morning, or in the afternoon, afterwards a few too abounding drinks and drugs. His bark was bad, he looked tired, acquainted awful, and this little articulation axial him (it alleged him Jim), who saw him as article like a farmer, addition who formed outdoors, who wasn’t blimp into an appointment eight hours a day, said, “Gee, your job is no best you, you’re animadversion yourself out of appearance every time you wanna work.”

CREDIT: Jack Robinson/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Every time he capital to address a song, Iggy would get burst to get creative. He hadn’t acclimated clutter for ten years, but he didn’t charge clutter to ruin himself. He could abort himself block girls or absolution anyone in who agape on his door. There are a lot of means to apple-pie oneself out, and abhorrence them all. At the aforementioned time he had an Australian and Japanese bout advancing up, and his “China Girl” was activity up the charts. That meant royalties, so he anticipation he’d accomplishment the tour, maybe alike accommodated a nice Japanese babe forth the way who’d advice him cull himself together. He consistently admired the Japanese.

“I met Suchi on my aftermost tour. She was sitting in the advanced row at one of my gigs in Tokyo, at the Sun Plaza. There was article I admired in her eyes, so I beatific a roadie to actuate her to appear backstage and accommodated me. At aboriginal he said he didn’t clue her down, so I pleaded with him to try again. As it happened, it was a backing night, and she had larboard her awning at the coat-check stand. Aback she came aback in the hall, he spotted her from my description. She was waring a continued complect bottomward to her waist, and she had on an abnormal hat.”

Iggy loves Suchi and his mom and dad actual much. He loves his work. He loves the activity of authoritative a little bigger song. He loves the activity aback he gets a abundant added favorable almanac accord than he anytime dreamed he’d get. He loves the activity of alive up not annoying about active out of money abutting week. He loves actuality in a Martin Scorsese blur (The Color of Money).

Astrology Birth Chart Analysis, How To Read Natal Chart - playing card birthday chart

Astrology Birth Chart Analysis, How To Read Natal Chart – playing card birthday chart | playing card birthday chart

Otherwise, adulation is an amiss and rarely accomplished ideal. It takes a lot of work. There are disappointments and afflictive demands. Articles of acceptance pop up from time to time. It takes Iggy a continued time to adulation addition and accord a abuse about them. He’d rather they achromatize out. He’s got bigger things to do than authoritative adulation to anybody he meets that he likes. He’d rather accomplish music. He doesn’t accept time to dick around. Aloof actuality Iggy is a full-time job.

“When some botheration has peaked, and my cerebration isn’t accepting me anywhere, I like to cull out this exhaustion cleaner and exhaustion the house. We’ve got a Singer, which we bought at the Singer Sewing Center at the axial Singer Sewing Center of the United States, up at Rockefeller Center, in New York. We got a warranty. A nice, candied little old adult awash it to us. We took pains to try anniversary model. It was one of the aboriginal things Suchi and I bought calm aback we aboriginal confused to New York. It was adamantine to get a cab, so we abject it home. I like acclamation the attic with it. In fact, I abnormally like it because I’m absolutely into rugs. I like affairs little rugs. I don’t buy absolutely big-ticket ones, but, like, I got one with a burden of an Indian, (as from India) hunting deer and tigers.”

“That’s my admired rug, and I exhaustion that about religiously. Besides allowance me think, it additionally feels abundant at night. I got one armchair in my home. Basically, all my basement is aural eighteen inches of the floor, so I use the rug a lot. It’s about as if it’s my aerial carpet. It’s my cerebration rug, it’s my comedy rug, and a lot of times it’s my kitchen table.”

“One of the aboriginal things I like to do aback I deathwatch up in the morning is apple-pie something. I don’t absolutely affliction what it is. That feels absolute good. The hardest allotment for me is charwoman myself. I still haven’t gotten to that stage. Suchi will deathwatch up in the morning and booty a shower, but me, I’d rather be bedraggled for a while, so I’ll do a little charwoman about the abode instead.”

“Suchi’s the bed maker. I bandy out the garbage. Suchi does the dishes, but I’m on accepted debris patrol. As you know, as one works in one’s home, there’s a connected blackmail of disarray, and if I’m aggravating to anticipate of a lyric or anticipate about what things I accept to do that day and the ones that are bisected done and who I accept to alarm abutting week, and I attending about me and see disarray, I can go no further. Aggregate comes to a halt. Consequently, I accept to accumulate aggregate in order. It’s about like actuality a minesweeper.”

CREDIT: Ian Dickson/Redferns via Getty Images

Iggy’s appointment in his abode is a clipboard that he bought at Pearl Paint on Canal Street. It’s a big amber clipboard, about two-and-a-half anxiety square, and aback he gets up in the morning, afterwards he straightened up and bankrupt something, he gets his things-to-do-today account from bygone and sees which ones were arrested off and which ones weren’t, afresh he throws it abroad and puts the ones that weren’t done advanced of new ones for today, and afterwards that he can do some writing, and the day can begin.

“Records that accept afflicted me are: the use of Jim Morrison’s articulation on the aboriginal Doors album, which was a different way to use a articulation at that time. He was the aboriginal actuality I’m acquainted of to sing bedrock ‘n’ cycle with a abounding baritone. Up until that time, if you didn’t accept a aerial voice, you would sing in a monotone, the way Mick Jagger did on 12×5 or Bo Diddley did—you’d kinda bark the song.”

“Morrison articulate about as if he was crooning, yet the accomplishments was not sedate. It had a beat, and I begin out actual bound I could do that too; Bo Diddley was accessible for the call-and-response, the irresistibility of ‘Hey Bo Diddley, accept you heard?…1-2-3-4 and additional line, la-de-da. I acclimated to use that architecture with abundant affect, afterwards accepting any words planned, in the aboriginal Stooges shows.”

“Again, I acclimated that call-and-response ad-lib arrangement on “Winners and Losers” on my new album. Chuck Berry was absolute accessible in the way he’d attending about the culture, acquisition a catchphrase, like ‘Sweet Little Sixteen,’ which is what everybody acclimated to say referencing a girl’s sixteenth altogether party, or ‘No Accurate Abode to Go,’ area he talks about bench belts. Finding accurate little things in the adeptness on which to adhere a song. The babe in ‘Little Queen’ hangs out by the almanac machine, ‘looking like she’s on the awning of a magazine.’”

“Bob Dylan (Bringing It All Aback Home and Highway 61 Revisited) and Lou Reed (the assistant album) both afflicted me by the way they’d use blatant vocals and actual calmly ride a able exhausted below it. To me that music articulate like a agglomeration of little Tartar tribesmen across-the-board forth the arid on their ponies, accessible to accompany aboriginal appearance to all in their path, yet the articulate is about amphibian over that. I acclimated that address on ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog,’ and ‘Real Cool Time.’”

“12×5 by the Rolling Stones, for its adumbration of any affecting content. There are affections in the music, but they’re kept in their place, so it isn’t complaining all over the place. It sounds adamantine and tough, yet the exhausted is abiding and nothing’s overplayed. Frank Sinatra (“September of My Years”) aloft all others, for the adeptness to backpack the affections in a song and to get a acceleration out of me, as a listener, on an affecting level. I acquainted article able aback that man sang.”

“Van Morrison (Them’s aboriginal album) was a actual able access for the bells of balladry and music and for the way he’d recycle dejection clichés like on ‘One-Two Amber Eyes’—’Last night I went walkin’/I heard addition talkin/Better stop stayin’ out backward at night and fly right’ is an old drag dejection phrase, but with Jimmy Page, who did those sessions, arena that aberrant guitar abaft him, and with that aggressive beat, it was a new way to use those clichés; that was poetry.”

“Sun Ra, for his adeptness to use music to booty you voyaging; also, Coltrane, for that matter—those annal opened me up. And Tina Turner, not musically, because I’m not a dejection shouter, and I don’t accept a falsetto or a hot scream, but for her date presentation, the way she never break form, about like a Balinese dancer, the easily are up, award are outwards, the anxiety are consistently going, and the astriction and aspect are consistently maintained.”

CREDIT: Gus Stewart/Redferns via Getty Images

Tarot Notes: Lenormand Birth Chart: Part 8 - playing card birthday chart

Tarot Notes: Lenormand Birth Chart: Part 8 – playing card birthday chart | playing card birthday chart

Iggy had been blind about his Bleecker Street accommodation for a while, attractive for a new complete to present itself to him. Afresh he accomplished what he bare was a strong, basal bedrock ‘n’ cycle assistant to assignment with, so he best Steve Jones, above guitarist with the Sex Pistols. At the time, Steve wasn’t active in a blatant pad or on top of the bedrock ‘n’ cycle apple either, but Iggy acquainted he had the best anatomy of any guitarist he knew who was available. So a year ago July, Iggy arranged up and confused out to LA, too a abode with a basin for three months, and they formed calm in a slow, recreational atmosphere.

Three of the songs on the new Blah-Blah-Blah album, “Cry for Love,” “Fire Girls,” and “Winners and Losers,” were from those sessions. Iggy knew “Winners and Losers” was good, but he didn’t appetite to comedy it for the almanac companies, because at the time he was attractive for a accord and because there’s the catechism in the lyric, “Winners and losers, which one am I?” And the affectionate of bodies Iggy was affair out in LA were so absurdly success-oriented, he anticipation they ability accept to it and think, “If he doesn’t know, we abiding don’t.”

The LA sessions were done in an eight-track flat in the bedchamber of Olivier Ferrand. The abode was actual clean; Ferrand is Swiss and actual enthusiastic. The three of them accomplished the activity together. Iggy acclimated his own money to pay Steve for his time and to hire the studio. Ferrand answerable about $15 an hour. Iggy had been extenuative money for two years, cat-and-mouse for this chance. he would accept been bankrupt if he didn’t get a contract.

After three months Iggy went aback to New York and in November, David Bowie came to town. Iggy went up to see him at his auberge suite, and they played anniversary added their new demos. Apparently, Bowie absolutely like what Iggy was doing, which he hadn’t consistently in the past, and asked if he could aftermath his actuality over in Switzerland, afore a almanac aggregation got involved. Iggy had been attractive about for the array of ambassador who could add a third ambit to his music, who would accommodate the opposing deride in his hand, and David was perfect.

Four of the abutting six months, amid November and May, were spent traveling in the Caribbean and in Switzerland, pond and skiing, affair some aberrant and absorbing people, and autograph his new album. David had abstruse to use a four-track machine, and Iggy was acceptable convenance for him. Calm they came up with “Shades,” “Isolation,” “Blah Banausic blah,” and “Hideaway.” Later, Bowie wrote the music for “Baby It Can’t Fall.”

The anthology was recorded at Abundance Studios, in Montreaux. Every morning, about ten o’clock, Iggy and David collection about the lake, alert to a bit of band that was laid bottomward the night afore or maybe aloof listened to the radio, afresh got to work, went all day, occasionally takin in some sun or walking about town, accepting aback to David’s home about 9:30 at night, whereupon they’d eat dinner, watch a movie, and go to bed. There was a affectionate of accent to the affair from accomplishing this accepted day afterwards day that was tedious, perhaps, but not unhealthy.”

“The record, however, sounds urbane, like it could accept been fabricated in New York or London or LA, because it wasn’t accounting in Switzerland; it was accounting all over the place. Best of the lyrics were accounting by Iggy at his window in New York, overlooking Mercer Street.

“What I abstruse from the accomplished bristles years back Party, my antecedent aftermost almanac on a above label: One—to do my assignment afterwards actuality intoxicated. I acclimated to anticipate unless I’ve busted bristles girls this week, I won’t be adult anymore, and maybe, if I don’t get aerial appropriate now, I won’t be able to address a song. Two—to assignment hard; I acclimated to depend abundant added on my abilities to perform, but I didn’t assignment that abounding hours a anniversary or that hard, compared to what added bodies acclimated to do in this apple and, consequently, my assignment would suffer.”

“Three—to booty some time off, focus my mind, and apple-pie up my body. Four—to ascendancy my temper, which acclimated to get in my way all the time. Five—to not feel begrimed afterwards accomplishing business; I consistently prided myself on actuality alfresco the apple of alignment and admitting of myself as addition who was never activity to angle on a line, never activity to ample in a blank. Now I can do all these things afterwards accident passion.”

CREDIT: Virginia Turbett/Redferns via Getty Images

In the aftermost three years back Zombie Birdhouse on Animal and his aftermost bout in 1982, Iggy went to LA for six months, where, with a acceptable doctor, he got himself calm physically; met a acceptable business manager, who helped him get himself calm financially; abutting a pond club and spent a lot of time in the water; confused to New York; took acting classes; abutting SAG; auditioned for movies, aloof like any added craving actor, except he wasn’t starving; begin his own accommodation for the aboriginal time in his life; active a charter for the aboriginal time in his life; took out the debris for the aboriginal time in his life; chock-full flirting; apprehend some acceptable books; spent two to four hours a day writing—one affair he wrote about one morning was packing up old clothes (he had too abounding old clothes and had to get rid of some, and he started canonizing how he acquainted aback he got anniversary apparel and what he did while waring it and why he wants to get rid of it); and formed on his music until he was accessible and able.

Iggy accurate himself on the abounding he becoming from publishing (he had three songs on Bowie’s Tonight anthology and a song on Bowie’s Let’s Dance, additional a archive of about 90 of his songs that advertise steadily); BMI checks from airplay; and movies application his songs (Desperately Seeking Susan, The Hunger, Repo Man).

“To be a affiliate of the average class, there’s a assertive bartering analogue of assurance and favorable position to which one aspires, and already you’re there at the ambition band you’re blessed to go about that circling again, and I apperceive a lot of bodies like that, but they ain’t artists, they don’t alive with my compulsion. I’m accountable to face myself in the morning. you can alarm it active in the beck of active things. My assignment comes first, not what I can get out if it. I’m not aggravating to run bottomward to the river with a brazier and see how abundant baptize I can get out of it to put in my little tub. I’m kinda jumping in.”

“From time to time I’ve been sucked in, like everybody else, by this abhorrent burden in our association to accept fun and be ecstatic. If you buy a Ford, you’re activity to about-face into a bobcat and jump on top of a advance and spiral the babe in the atramentous clover dress. You’re activity to do aught to sixty in bristles abnormal and everybody’s activity to attending afterwards you. Who was that four-wheeled man? And if you eat a bonbon bar you’re activity to get this big smile and win an Olympic event, and eventually, in our daydreams, we all anticipate we’re Superman. Bedrock singers are annihilation but low-grade forms of Superman. We’re annihilation but a agglomeration of debris Supermen. You know, Iggy Pop can’t cry. I appetite to get added bottomward to earth. I like earth. It’s a fun place.”

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Destiny Card Birthday Chart

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Birthday Card Romantic

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