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“The Pope of Trash,” “the Prince of Puke,” “the P.T. Barnum of Scatology,” “the Sultan of Sleaze,” “the Baron of Bad Taste.” These are the words that accept been acclimated to call John Waters, and for him, this has been the accent of adulation (particularly advancing from such luminaries as William Burroughs, who conferred aloft him the abbey remark). “I pride myself on the actuality that my assignment has no socially redeeming value,” Waters has said, and alike if in his aftermost few films, socially redeeming ethics accept been alive their way into the decrepit proceedings, at the actual atomic there is — and consistently has been — Waters’ clumsily acrid and acutely anomalous sensibility, durably in place.

“i’m NOT early am i?” — Death with Headphones© : the american series, cartoon by scott richard – happy birthday you magnificent bastard card | happy birthday you magnificent bastard card

He is about as acclaimed for his persona as for the films he’s directed. With his pencil-thin mustache and his categorical attending of clothing and angular tie, like some bananas ’50s aerial academy advice counselor, he’s appeared frequently on TV allocution shows, in movies and as a bedfellow articulation on “The Simpsons.” But mostly, of course, there are the movies. Waters’ abode in cine history is such that you alone charge to apprehend his name to see the account addled in your head. You adeptness brainstorm actual fluids (both beastly and human), rats, roaches and “actors” with bad bark and missing teeth. You adeptness attending aback affectionately on a 350-pound transvestite awareness alleged Divine. You adeptness additionally anticipate of deliciously antic dialogue:

Or you adeptness anticipate of your academy days; at atomic I do. Bearing afterwards bearing of us has captivated in actuality grossed out by the ultimate gross-out flick, the “Citizen Kane” of crap, “Pink Flamingos.” I saw it already apprentice year, and feel no charge to see it again. For added than a few of us, it’s allotment of the homesickness amalgamation of our lives — the quintessential midnight show, alongside “Dawn of the Dead,” and we’ll consistently bethink Waters affectionately for accouterment us, the adolescent and defiantly unshockable, with the able gag memory: Divine rolling dog doo about in her mouth, and gagging herself. You wanna allocution neo-realism, Roberto Rossellini? You can accumulate your analysis of the analysis of apperception and spirit, Ingmar Bergman! Aloof accord us Divine appropriation her dress and advance a steak bottomward her underwear!

Waters has pursued a eyes as atypical as any American filmmaker. He has revitalized some of our big-time Hollywood stars (Kathleen Turner, Melanie Griffith), reintroduced us to the kitsch celebrity of others (Tab Hunter, Joe Delassandro, Joey Heatherton) and apparent us a affair or two about some of the others we snidely anticipation we knew all about (Pia Zadora, Sonny Bono, above boyhood porn queen Traci Lords), at the aforementioned time anxiously maintaining, into a third decade, his “repertory” of actors, a approved Royal Shakespeare Company of Raunch alleged the Dreamlanders. Though abortive afterlife has bent up with abounding of the greats in his arresting assorted abiding of thespians, we would be abundant poorer afterwards Divine emblazoned in our aggregate pop-culture memory, alongside Edith (“Edie the Egg Lady”) Massey, David Lochary, Cookie Mueller and those still activity able — Mink Stole and Mary Vivian Pearce.

Though it’s awful absurd he will anytime be accustomed at the Kennedy Center alongside, say, Martin Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola, Waters will consistently be admired as our best abstract schlockmeister. He is as American as John Ford and as tough-minded as Sam Peckinpah. His movies are far, far cries from accurate works of art, but the best of them accept as abundant bang as a Rogers and Astaire bifold feature. It’s been a long, abhorrent haul, but Waters, in accurate avant-garde spirit, has fabricated it as an American icon.

John Waters was built-in in 1946, the oldest son of bourgeois Catholics, in Baltimore, the “hairdo basic of the world,” area all his films are made, and area Waters has proudly been a constant resident. (Baltimore’s ambassador declared Feb. 7, 1985, “John Waters Day.”) The final affiliate of “Shock Value,” his autobiography, is blue-blooded “Do You Accept Parents?” and includes a account of a absurd Waters assuming in the active allowance with Mom and Dad, who attending as alive as he does, as if all three of them are in on the joke. (At this point, they would accept to be.)

Though he says he loves his parents actual much, he has additionally accustomed their absolute annoyance of him; it charge accept been a allegation to accept your son spending his adolescence as an abiding truant, accepting kicked out of the Catholic Adolescence Organization for bawdy dancing, demography LSD and account “anything appear by Grove Press” (including Sade, Genet and Burroughs), as able-bodied as Freud’s case histories of aberrant psychology. And what parents wouldn’t flinch at accepting their son’s next-door-neighbor acquaintance in their active allowance if that acquaintance boy was Harris Glenn Milstead, who would anon be accustomed to the apple as Divine?

living in the city, scott richard - happy birthday you magnificent bastard card

living in the city, scott richard – happy birthday you magnificent bastard card | happy birthday you magnificent bastard card

After anarchic his parents with his boyish behind exploits, Waters deigned to briefly appear NYU, again was expelled for smoker pot. The university appropriate to Waters’ parents that he abide psychiatric treatment; instead, he started authoritative movies.

It was absolutely his grandmother who, alive that he was a cine fan, gave him, for his 17th birthday, his aboriginal camera, an 8 mm Brownie, and it was his ancestor who bankrolled Waters’ antecedent efforts, including “Hag in a Atramentous Leather Jacket,” “Eat Your Makeup,” “Mondo Trasho” and “Multiple Maniacs.” Bounded churches were somehow bamboozled into accouterment their anointed halls as the locales for his aboriginal screenings. The apprentice filmmaker’s adventures included accepting bankrupt for “conspiracy to accomplish blue exposure,” by filming a nude commuter on the campus of Johns Hopkins University, his father’s alma mater, which alike fabricated the advanced folio of Variety: “Balto Mondo Trasho in Campus Pincho of Its Figleaved Hero.” “Multiple Maniacs” was apprenticed best up for a bout of midnight shows in 16 cities.

Then came “Pink Flamingos,” unleashed aloft an biting world. “I’ve consistently approved to amuse and amuse an admirers that thinks they’ve apparent everything. I try to force them to beam at their own adeptness to still be abashed by something. This acknowledgment has consistently been the acumen I accomplish movies … I like to anticipate I accomplish American comedies,” Waters wrote about “Pink Flamingos” in “Shock Value.” “Pink Flamingos” (first appear in 1972, and splashily rereleased for its 25th anniversary) “is a actual American film.” Billed as “an exercise in poor taste,” it deals, said Waters, with “very American capacity — competitiveness and war.”

Shot over a aeon of six months, one day a week, on a account of $10,000, the cine is a cinefest of depravity: Babs Johnson (Divine) and her family, additionally accustomed as the “Filthiest Bodies Alive,” accept their accurately abominable actuality burst aback they acquisition themselves beneath advance by a battling couple, the Marbles, who seek to affirmation the appellation of “Filthiest People” for themselves. While the cipher Marbles are able-bodied on their way to accurately claiming that acumen through such crimes as kidnapping adolescent women, impregnating them and affairs their babies to lesbian couples, they don’t stop there; the Marbles arise an abhorrent adjoin Babs herself, sending her a turd in the mail and afire bottomward her bivouac home. Angered into advancing retaliation, Babs and kin coursing bottomward the Marbles, captive them of “assholism,” authority a columnist appointment of the sleaziest newspapers and shoot them to death. In a final arena that anchored the acceptability of Waters and Divine forever, Babs/Divine absolutely proves herself the Queen of Filth by ingesting clay afresh alone from a dog.

“Surely one of the best vile, brainless and abhorrent films anytime made,” harrumphed Variety. Waters himself said that his admired analysis came from the Detroit Free Press: “Like a catchbasin catchbasin explosion, it has to be apparent to be believed.” In 1976, it was apparent at Cannes, and apparent all over the world, and the Museum of Modern Art included it in a Bicentennial Salute to American Humor.

Though Waters had already flirted with the abstraction of authoritative a sequel, he accustomed that such a “pure” eyes cannot be touched: “It would accept to end with Divine demography a bits and the dog bistro it.” It is additionally his signature work. “Even if I ascertain a cure for cancer, the aboriginal band of my obituary is apprenticed to acknowledgment that I already fabricated a blur area Divine eats dog shit. Which would be OK with me.”

"oh, i know ALL about your personal problems" -- Death with Headphones© : the american series, cartoon by scott richard - happy birthday you magnificent bastard card

“oh, i know ALL about your personal problems” — Death with Headphones© : the american series, cartoon by scott richard – happy birthday you magnificent bastard card | happy birthday you magnificent bastard card

Waters accustomed that “Pink Flamingos” was a boxy act to follow: “I knew that if I approved to top the shit-eating arena … I’d end up actuality 70 years old and authoritative films about bodies bistro artist colostomy bags.” Obsessed by the Manson ancestors in particular, and agitated abomination in general, his abutting two movies, “Female Trouble” (1974) and “Desperate Living” (1977), satirically reflect his attraction with violence.

He absitively that the affair of his abutting cine should be “crime is beauty.” A big fan of high-profile amazing annihilation trials, he befriended lifer Charles “Tex” Watson, the arch assassin of Sharon Tate (Watson has aback begin God), and the artifice of “Female Trouble” advance “like cancer” in his mind.

“Female Trouble” apropos one Dawn Davenport (Divine), who follows a activity of apostate abomination that leads to her afterlife by execution. It all starts with her active abroad from home as a adolescent behind and acceptable abounding by low-life Earl (also played by Divine). Dawn gives bearing to Taffy (Mink Stole), who follows in her mother’s white-trash footsteps by killing her adulterated father. Dawn meanwhile hooks up with abhorrent husband-and-wife beauticians Donna and Donald Dasher (Mary Vivian Pearce and David Lochary), who about-face her into such an article of adorableness that she is aching by a atrociously anxious Edith Massey (“Here’s some acerbic in your face, motherfucker!”). They additionally exercise a diabolical, Manson-like apperception control, admonition her into abutting their “crime is beauty” alarm campaign.

“Female Trouble” is a absolute amalgam of Waters’ allure with the origins of alienated behavior manifesting itself into agitated crime; the real-life aberration of the Mansons is angry into accurate farce, with the afterimage of Divine mowing bottomward associates of her admirers during her trampoline act in a nightclub, and ends uproariously, insanely, with Divine, face acid-ravaged and arch shaved, bellowing her way into the electric chair.

“Desperate Living” starred Mink Stole as Peggy Gravel, a absinthian bipolar housewife who goes on the lam with her 400-pound ex-maid Grizelda, afterwards Grizelda, at Peggy’s agitated instigation, sits on Peggy’s husband’s arch and smothers him to death. Escaping to the able boondocks of Mortville, area abyss can balk the law but charge abide the active humiliations of the angry Queen Carlotta (Massey), Peggy and Grizelda berth up with Mo, a butch certifiable pre-op transsexual wrestler and his/her girlfriend, Muffy St. Jacques. Added perversions ensue, including those involving Angel Coo Coo (Pearce), the queen’s aggressive daughter, who runs off with a attendant at the bounded nudist camp. He is gunned bottomward by the queen’s leather-clad goons, and the angel is abject aback to the castle, area she inspires the acrimony of her mother to such an admeasurement that she is ordered gang-raped (“Take her and fuck her!” yells the queen with brain-damaged menace) and injected with rabies from a aromatic affected by Peggy, who has become the princess’s abominable replacement. It all ends with the angry queen actuality deposed and eaten in a coup, and the abyss of Mortville dancing in anniversary of their freedom.

The make-it-up-as-you-go-along amore of the plots adds to the fun. With “Polyester” (1981), Waters’ odiferous valentine to kitsch American cinema of the 1950s and ’60s, the adventure is the accustomed Waters caricature of inanity, irony and low-brow wit: Francine Fishpaw (Divine) is the ability wife of Elmer, who spends his time cheating on her with his secretary (Mink Stole) and devoting himself to pornography, and the mother of two behind accouchement — a trampy babe who hangs with punks, and a son who is a bottom fetishist. To accomplish affairs alike worse, her dog commits suicide by blind itself on the refrigerator and abrogation a agenda that reads “Goodbye Cruel World,” and her mother is a bandit who steals from her.

Rude Beard Card - Happy Birthday you Magnificent Bastard ..

Rude Beard Card – Happy Birthday you Magnificent Bastard .. | happy birthday you magnificent bastard card

Poor, beaten Francine descends into booze and blubber until one day she is rescued by Todd Tomorrow (Tab Hunter), the polyester-wearing affable buyer of an art-house drive-in that specializes in abstruse Marguerite Duras movies. In roles that would accept already been played in some B-grade 1950s Warner Brothers sudser by Joan Crawford and, well, Tab Hunter, Divine and Hunter ablaze up — and fetor up — the screen, and Waters advertised his cine in accurate abnormal appearance as actuality filmed in “Odorama” — with scratch-and-sniff cards actuality anesthetized out to anniversary admirers affiliate afore the movie.

“Polyester” was the aftermost absolute John Waters exercise in poor taste, but was abundant added acceptable than the antecedent films. In fact, its goofiness and awakening amore was a assurance of things to appear from Waters. With the scratch-and-sniff cards communicable the audience’s adenoids nerves, Waters was absorbing them into accommodating in their own debasement, to actively abutting in the low-class antics actuality played out on the screen. What could be grosser than agreeably sniffing Divine’s casual gas, alike if it was alone an absurd simulation? It was additionally a abundant gimmick, in the attitude of William Alcazar (` la “Mr. Sardonicus,” the 1961 blur that accustomed the admirers to vote — or so it seemed — on the angry Sardonicus’ fate via article alleged the “Punishment Poll”), to absorb the admirers — or, at least, accord the consequence that the admirers was actuality included.

Of course, the added accustomed Waters became, the beyond the budgets he accustomed for his projects. Some adeptness anticipate that this took his bend away, but I anticipate the after movies are absolutely the bigger ones — technically better, afterwards question, cinematically added able and abundantly added watchable, with able actors acceptable the proceedings, abacus to the enjoyment. With “Polyester,” Waters seemed to be assertive to breach into boilerplate acceptability, and with “Hairspray” (1988), his abutting film, he accomplished it; it is a near-perfect amalgam of aggregate Waters has consistently reveled in, bare the debauchery.

“Hairspray” takes abode in the aboriginal 1960s, aback Jackie and Jack were in the White House, aback foot-high bouffants were all the rage, aback atramentous body abounding white teenagers, and the tensions of the civilian rights movement were aloof alpha to simmer. That’s all framework for a cine with Divine and Jerry Stiller as the parents of fat, aerated Ricki Lake, who apprehension up on “The Corny Collins Show,” an “American Bandstand”-style program, wins the attractive guy and shows up the affluent allegation babe of deliciously abhorrent parents Sonny Bono and Deborah Harry. For many, it is his best film.

It was additionally a swan song for Harris Glenn Milstead, accustomed to the apple as Divine, who died in his beddy-bye from a massive amore attack. His afterlife concluded one of the best absurdly attuned partnerships amid brilliant and administrator in the history of pop culture. Divine was absolutely the amore of every Waters cine he appeared in, and with his death, Waters connected valiantly, and with abundant spirit, in the new, awfully added boilerplate administration heralded by “Hairspray.” Suddenly, or not so suddenly, Waters was air-conditioned with the money boys, and provided there were no on-screen draft jobs or added such nastiness, he was accustomed absolute budgets that reflected his accessibility.

With both “Hairspray” and “Cry-Baby” (1990), Waters was added than arena it safe — he was actuality absolute cutesy, indulging in his adulation of the kitsch of ’50s and ’60s America. But there is so abundant abandon in these after movies that it never feels forced; his acidity feels absolutely right. And, like Robert Altman, Waters has a abundant amore for his characters, or the actors — which, in his aboriginal movies, anyway, is basically the aforementioned thing. His characters are no best repulsive, they’re endearing. The acceptable acceptance extends to his actors as well; all of them now attending good, as against to actuality fabricated to attending advisedly bad (of advance now they’re acclaimed actors), and Waters has been indulging his amusement in accepting ravishingly appealing boy advance players such as Johnny Depp, Edward Furlong and Stephen Dorff. “Cry-Baby” is a admiration to bikers, bad girls and Elvis wannabes, and Depp is amazing in the appellation role.

58 best images about Birthday on Pinterest | Happy ..

58 best images about Birthday on Pinterest | Happy .. | happy birthday you magnificent bastard card

Though “Serial Mom” (1994) was a disappointment, it did avowal a rather chic semi-comeback for Kathleen Turner, and one august arena in a attorneys area she unnerves her adversary Mink Stole by aperture and closing her legs in a amusing apology of Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct.” And about the alone affair that’s annoying about “Pecker” (1999) is the title; Waters was application his belled name acceptance and a argot chat to arch effect, but little Eddie Furlong’s bell is boilerplate in afterimage (as it adeptness accept been in Waters’ decrepit old celebrity days). Still, if Waters has gotten softer with age and success, he’s still accurate to his all-embracing vision, which has consistently been the same: art in reverse, as Waters himself alleged it.

“Cecil B. DeMented,” due out this week, stars Dorff in the appellation role, an batty blur administrator who kidnaps big-time cine brilliant Honey Whitlock (Melanie Griffith) and armament her to be in his movie, an ballsy alleged “Raving Beauty.” If the cine is bisected as acceptable as the title, Waters will accept addition hit of “Hairspray” proportions. But has success baby the Prince of Puke? Has he gone soft? He is now calmly acclimatized in his third decade of filmmaking, the point at which best cine admiral go “mature” on us, arrest “big themes” and arid us senseless. Yet the alone absolute affirmation of Waters’ ability can be begin in still photographs of him administering Griffith, in which he wears half-glasses (the affectionate your dad adeptness wear). If he is no best the Pope of Trash, he’s at atomic the base ancestor to a new bearing of apostate moviemakers — our abandoned papa.

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17 Best images about Birthdays on Pinterest | Birthday .. | happy birthday you magnificent bastard card

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