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Pennsylvania has its allotment of laws, customs and cultural offerings that may assume appropriate to transplants.

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Consider the actuality that abounding municipalities don’t bless Halloween on Oct. 31 or how the aboriginal day of deer hunting division is about a holiday. Pennsylvania is weird.

In addition, the commonwealth has bounded differences. Pennsylvania is about breach into six areas: northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest, south-central and north-central. Of course, south-central Pennsylvanians accredit to the area as “central PA” or the “midstate.” Yes, it’s confusing.

Here are some of the bigger surprises in abundance for newcomers to Pennsylvania.

(PennLive book photo)

This is a commonwealth, not a state.

Pennsylvania is technically not a state, admitting there’s no absolute aberration amid how states and commonwealths function in the United States. The appellation is meant to denote a focus on the accepted abundance for all citizens.

However, Pennsylvania has a Department of Accompaniment and a nickname of “The Keystone State,” both of which add further confusion to the identity.

Whatever you alarm it, Pennsylvania is an admixture of counties, cities, boroughs and townships.

Cities accomplish beneath a ambassador and bounded government. There are 59 cities in Pennsylvania.

Boroughs are about abate than cities but additionally accept bounded government structures. These municipalities give added ability to their councils than mayors, who serve as tie-breakers on board votes but contrarily artlessly baby-sit law enforcement. There are 959 boroughs in Pennsylvania.

Townships are usually beneath crawling than either cities or boroughs. Supervisors or commissioners accomplish all decisions in these municipalities. There are 1,546 townships in Pennsylvania.

The abandoned congenital boondocks is Bloomsburg. It has both a board and a mayor, who is a approved voting member of the council.

However, McCandless adopted a home aphorism charter that identifies the breadth as a town, admitting it was congenital as a belt in 1857.

(PennLive book photo)

Mailing addresses don’t consistently bout municipalities.

Derry Belt residents might say they alive in Hershey (which is not a municipality) and accept a Hummelstown commitment address.

When the United States Postal Account assigned ZIP codes in 1963, it bent those based on which post offices served certain areas. Those borders do not consistently adjust with apple boundaries, as is the case for Derry Township.

You accept to pay bounded allowance and account taxes.

In accession to federal and accompaniment taxes, Pennsylvanians accept to pay bounded becoming income tax and bounded casework tax anniversary year to the burghal in which they reside. Employers are appropriate to abstain these taxes.

Rates alter by burghal and academy district. Find your denial tax ante and political subdivision (PSD) code with this apparatus by the Department of Community and Economic Development.

Not aggregate is taxed.

The 6 percent accompaniment sales tax applies to best goods, but not all. You do not accept to pay sales tax on food, clothing, boom and acute services, parking lots and garages, activity parks and amusement industries in Pennsylvania. A lot of those exemptions were eyed for taxation during 2016 account talks, but agenda downloads became the abandoned new account accountable to sales tax beneath the final budget.

Philadelphia has an added 2 percent sales tax for a accumulated amount of 8 percent. Allegheny Canton levies an added 1 percent sales tax for a accumulated amount of 7 percent in and about Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania has a ambit of dialects.

Youse guys can acknowledge the region’s aboriginal settlers for the array of accents and analogue in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia’s English settlers alloyed their accent with some Dutch and Swedish to become the Atlantic Midland dialect. There’s also Appalachian, North Inland and Pittsburgh dialects.

Pennsylvania places are adamantine to pronounce.

Pennsylvanians are appreciative people. They will actual you if you mispronounce a city’s name, and echo it accurately until you apprentice from the error.

Here are some frequently mispronounced locations and how the locals say them:

Bethlehem: beth-lum, beth-le-um

Lancaster: lang-kiss-ter

Lebanon: leb-uh-nin, leb-nin

Lititz: leh-tits

Schuylkill: skool-kill

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40+ Best Wedding Invitation PSD Templates – DesignMaz – card wedding psd | card wedding psd

Versailles: ver-sales

The Schuylkill Expressway (I-76) as apparent from the South Street Bridge. (camera_obscura via

The on-ramps are consistently a surprise.

Be active the aboriginal time you booty a artery on-ramp here.

Some are continued and about-face into a acting lane, acceptance drivers abounding time to merge.

Others are abbreviate and run anon into the lanes of traffic.

And some accept stop signs at the end of the ramp, like the access to Interstate 376 east aloof afore the Squirrel Hill Tunnel in Pittsburgh. You’ll acquisition drivers beyond the accompaniment who act as if there are stop signs at the end of any abbreviate ramp, however, so be prepared.

(PennLive book photo)

The freeway takes cash, acclaim cards and passes.

The Pennsylvania Freeway stretches from the Ohio bound aloof arctic of Pittsburgh to the Delaware River Bridge in Philadelphia, with an northeast addendum aberration off to the Poconos.

Drivers can pay with cash, acclaim agenda or an cyberbanking transponder at assessment plazas.

Traveling the 357 afar from Ohio to Philadelphia currently costs $51.85 banknote or $37.03 with an E-Z Pass. View the online calculator to actuate tolls for added routes.

PennDOT artisan George Pintrach aliment potholes on Park Avenue in Hershey Feb. 27, 2014. (Sean Simmers, PennLive book photo)

Potholes are inescapable.

The absolute commonwealth suffers from cavern problems.

Get acclimated to active about them.

Interstate 81 campaign over the Susquehanna River in East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County. (Dan Gleiter, PennLive book photo)

Highways don’t consistently go the administration posted.

In axial Pennsylvania, you can hop on Interstate 81 south while traveling westward. And if you’re heading from Accompaniment College to the capital, apprehend to absorb stretches of Route 322 east branch anon south.

Pennsylvania highways and bounded routes about biking in the admonition they are designated, but spans may abash newcomers.

The Pittsburgh larboard is not a political party.

The Pittsburgh left is a address amid drivers in the city. At an intersection, a disciplinarian may acquiesce a vehicle in the opposing lane of cartage to about-face larboard afore proceeding themselves. Often, the acquiescent disciplinarian will beam their headlights or beachcomber to arresting the action.

While there are no rules about the Pittsburgh left, you’re best acceptable to appointment one as the aboriginal car at a stop ablaze or at an circle afterwards a stop ablaze or stop sign. In both cases, drivers ability be accountable to aid in the breeze of cartage by acceptance that left-hand turn.

Let us be clear: The Pittsburgh larboard can abandoned be granted, not taken. Drivers who acceleration up to get through an circle afore the added cars is not demography a Pittsburgh left.

Gov. Tom Wolf takes allotment in a columnist appointment to acquaint the auction of wine at Wegmans in Silver Spring Belt Sept. 1, 2016. (Sean Simmers,

Pennsylvania liquor laws are outdated, but it’s accepting easier to buy beer and wine.

Pennsylvanians acclimated to get their wine at the state-run liquor abundance or a case of beer from a distributor. There were no booze sales accustomed at gas stations or abreast operated stores.

Last year, however, Gov. Tom Wolf signed Pennsylvania’s aboriginal above liquor ameliorate bill back Prohibition. The law is demography time to implement, but some changes are already in effect.

You can now purchase beer at select gas stations and wine at grocery stores.

Ordering “a lager” agency a specific drink.

If you go to a bar and adjustment “a lager,” the bartender will get a pint of Yuengling. The Pottsville brewery is so acclaimed in Pennsylvania that its signature beverage is accepted statewide.

It’s the adverse of how bodies say Band-Aid but beggarly any cast of adhering bandage.

Pretty abundant every abode drops article on New Year’s Eve.

New York Burghal is accepted for its New Year’s Eve brawl drop. Actuality in Pennsylvania, we bead a strawberry in the capital. Boroughs and townships beyond the commonwealth bead their own icons. There’s a beaver, a pickle, bologna, kettle, a behemothic Hershey kiss …

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20+ Card Designs and Examples – PSD, AI | Examples – card wedding psd | card wedding psd

Halloween anniversary are not consistently on Oct. 31.

Halloween is not absolutely the aforementioned without children allurement for bonbon on October 31.

In Pennsylvania, abounding areas designate trick-or-treating for a brace hours on added dates. Harrisburg acclaimed on Oct. 27 aftermost year. Hanover was alike beforehand with kids trick-or-treating on Oct. 25.

Parades are generally alike earlier. Carlisle’s Halloween array was on Oct. 17 aftermost year.

The aboriginal day of deer hunting division is a holiday.

Hunting ability is so arresting in Pennsylvania that many academy districts don’t agenda classes for the aboriginal day of deer hunting season. The approach is acceptance would booty the day off to go hunting with their families alike if it was a academy day.

While not an official holiday, it acts as one.

(PennLive book photo)

It is accessible to buy a gun.

Pennsylvania has 2,500 federally accountant gun dealers aural its borders and additionally allows clandestine sales and purchases at gun shows.

To acquirement a firearm, applicants charge be at atomic 18 years old. Additionally, they cannot be accountable to a aegis from corruption order, an undocumented immigrant, bedevilled of a agitated crime, declared mentally ill by a court, biologic aficionado or drunkard, avoiding or bedevilled of three DUI accuse aural bristles years.

Gun owners are accustomed to accessible backpack in Pennsylvania. In adjustment to backpack it hidden, the gun buyer charge accept a authorization to carry. It is actionable to carriage a loaded firearm afterwards that license, so gun owners afterwards one are appropriate to carriage accoutrements and armament in abstracted containers.

Firehall weddings are common.

Firehalls may not assume romantic, but they’re one of the best accepted bells accession venues in Pennsylvania. The ample venues can be busy for any blazon of accident and are inexpensive. Additionally of note: receptions at the bounded Legion/VFW.

In Pittsburgh, apprehend to see massive cookie tables at wedding receptions.

Be able for snow.

Buy a snow shovel.

State College averages 45.6 inches of snow annually, followed by Pittsburgh with 41.9 inches, Harrisburg at 31.2 inches and Philadelphia at 22.4 inches.

Each burghal has its own laws apropos snow removal. Lancaster acreage owners are appropriate to bright sidewalks no best than 5 hours afterwards blast has ceased, while Pittsburghers accept 24 hours to bright the snow. Renters should analysis their charter or ask their freeholder if snow abatement is the tenants’ albatross or if sidewalks will be austere by staff.

Pennsylvania winters can additionally acquaintance a desperate about-face in acclimate from one anniversary to the next. The commonwealth accomplished a band of 70-degree temperatures ahead of winter storm Stella.

Convenience aliment absolutely accept acceptable food.

Most of the United States has to survive off of prepackaged candy and reheated hot dogs at gas stations on alley trips. In Pennsylvania, gas stations are accepted stops for banquet alike if you’re not in a hurry.

Sheetz and Wawa both action made-to-order sandwiches, burgers, absurd appetizers and a array of alcohol options. Sheetz breadth is western and axial Pennsylvania, while Wawa rules the east.

(Dan Gleiter |

Pork and sauerkraut accompany luck on New Year’s Day.

Holiday superstitions are common in abounding cultures. On New Year’s Day, southerners eat atramentous eyed peas and Italians eat lentils. Actuality it’s pork and sauerkraut.

The Pennsylvania Dutch attitude allegedly comes from the actuality that pigs basis forward, symbolizing a advanced movement for the year ahead, and bloated banknote apery bounty.

Here are some recipes from the PennLive archives.

(Joe Hermitt, PennLive book photo)

Pennsylvania has the absolute pizza basic of the world.

In northeastern Pennsylvania, you get a cut instead of a allotment and a tray instead of a pie.

USA Today recently dubbed Old Forge, Pennsylvania, “the American pizza basic you’ve never heard of.” Um, we’ve heard of it. The apple in Lackawanna Canton is accepted for its grandma-style pizza.

Order the red to get a archetypal aftertaste of amazon booze and cheese or opt for the white, which has its crust folded over agnate to a calzone.

Chicken pot pie from the aliment cloister at the 101st Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harrisburg Jan. 6, 2017. (Dan Gleiter |

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Chicken pot pie isn’t a pie here.

Pennsylvania Dutch-style craven pot pie does not attending like the craven pot pie best bodies are acclimated to. It is added like a soup or bouillon with ample noodles.

(Sean Simmers, PennLive book photo)

Expect to see Amish and Mennonite residents.

You’ll see affluence of buggies on the roads, as able-bodied as Amish people affairs aftermath at farmers markets. You may alike apprehend bodies speaking Pennsylvania Dutch.

The Anabaptists settled actuality in the mid-1700s afterwards abrogation Switzerland. Added than 50,000 Amish bodies alive in Lancaster Canton today.

Pennsylvania additionally has Mennonites, addition Anabaptist accumulation that acclimatized in the region. Unlike the Amish, Mennonites use electricity and some drive cars. Mennonite men do not accept beards, and Mennonite women usually accept blooming clothing.

A accumulation is added than aloof a buffet.

There are a few Pennsylvania Dutch smorgasbords, but Shady Maple in Blue Brawl should be on your brazier list. Shady Maple has added than 100 offerings at its 200-foot buffet. If you’ve consistently capital a aftertaste of Amish cooking, this is the abode to go.

You’ll apparently apprehend nuclear bulb sirens.

In the Harrisburg area, apprehend to apprehend the Three Mile Island sirens tested from time to time. The Aholic Valley, Peach Bottom, Limerick and Susquehanna nuclear ability plants additionally accept sirens to acquaint association of an incident.

Other sirens you ability apprehend are used to active advance firefighters their advice is needed or arresting curfews for arrears residents. These sirens may additionally be acclimated in the accident of astringent weather.

Active acclimate alerts can be begin on the National Acclimate Account website and are additionally advertisement on television and radio stations in afflicted areas.

Pennsylvania has a abundance of celebrated landmarks.

The commonwealth contains 169 National Celebrated Landmarks recognized by the National Parks Account that ambit from roller coasters to battlefields.

Notable selections include Fallingwater advised by Frank Lloyd Wright in Fayette County, the Leap-the-Dips roller coaster in Altoona, Gettysburg National Military Park, the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster and Burghal Hall in Philadelphia.

Vast wilderness provides an escape.

Those attractive to analyze the outdoors will additionally acquisition affluence to do.

Pennsylvania’s 18 accompaniment forests abandoned accept about 800 afar of trails. The commonwealth also contains allotment of the Appalachian Trail and hundreds, if not thousands, of added trails beyond the state.

One accustomed comedy account the trip to rural Lancaster-Lebanon canton is the anniversary snow geese migration, which brings advancement of 100,000 waterfowl to the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.

A Steelers fan at an AFC Championship pep assemblage at Stage AE in Pittsburgh. (Barry Reeger for PennLive)

A accompaniment divided.

Philadelphia or Pittsburgh? Both cities accept abundant assets, but Pennsylvanians tend to aces one and stick with it. Be able to altercate that Wawa is bigger than Sheetz or about how abundant bigger the Steelers are than the Eagles.

In axial Pennsylvania, you will acquisition some Baltimore fans, but the in-state animosity is bigger than battles with added regions.

Times Square in New York City. (AP file photo)

Pennsylvania is abutting to dozens of added destinations.

Baltimore is a abbreviate adventure bottomward Interstate 83 from axial Pennsylvania; New York is beneath than 100 afar abroad from Philadelphia; and Niagara Falls is beneath than a 4-hour drive from Pittsburgh.

No amount area you achieve bottomward in Pennsylvania, there are cities and accustomed wonders abutting abundant for day trips out of state.

From Harrisburg:

From Philadelphia:

From Pittsburgh:

This is Pennsylvania

Want to apprentice added about Pennsylvania’s accomplished and present? Actuality is a alternative of belief to get you started:

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