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Editor’s note: This exclusive, all-embracing interview, conducted in 1975, aboriginal appeared in our October 1988 issue. We’ve re-posted it to bless what would’ve been John Lennon’s 79th birthday. Read through and acquaintance Lennon talking about his marriage, his finances, the Beatles’ legacy, affair Elvis, and much, abundant more.

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Lately anybody has had article to say about John Lennon. But he consistently said it best himself. In this absolute abstruse interview, the aftermost word, appropriately, is Lennon’s.

In the aboriginal bounce of 1975, aback this account was conducted, John Lennon had confused aback to the accommodation he aggregate with Yoko afterwards an 18-month affair of bubbler and affair with accompany in Los Angeles. He was affected in displacement affairs with the U.S. government, and in banking affairs with his above administrator Allen Klein. He had aloof had a No.1 hit “Whatever Gets You Thru the Night,” with Elton John, but his own career had accomplished a plateau, and he looked advanced to a aeon of introspection.

Having put the bubbler abaft him, he was about to activate a five-year aeon of abandonment from the accessible eye.

Why do you anticipate the clearing bodies are authoritative it so difficult for you to break here?

I am aggravating to anticipate of his name, so I can accord him acclaim for his quotes … He put it this way: “It keeps all the conservatives blessed that they are accomplishing article about me and what I represent. And it keeps the liberals blessed that I am not befuddled out.” So, everybody is blessed but me. I am still actuality harassed. Liberals don’t feel too bad because I am still here.

It seems to me that they absolutely use you?

Yeah. It keeps all the added pop stars in line. In case they get any account about reality. Accumulate them in their place. They additionally altercation Paul, George, Mick Jagger … acutely Keith Richard.

What does Elton John do — he is actuality best of the time? David Bowie?

Elton John has a apple-pie image. David’s angel … they apparently haven’t accomplished what it is yet; it takes them a bit of time. Bowie, they apparently aloof anticipate he’s article from the circus. He’s never been bankrupt and he didn’t get mashed up with lunatics like Jerry Rubin. And Abby my boy Hoffman.

Are you still accompany with them?

I never see them. They vanished in the woodwork … Jerry has been annihilation but agitation and a affliction in the close aback I met him. I decided, as he didn’t advance the revolution, I absitively to abdicate answering the phone.

Why do you appetite to animate in New York now? Why in the U.S.?

Because it’s added fun here. Some of the nasties anticipate I’m actuality for tax reasons. But it’s hardly account answer to people. I abandoned absitively to animate actuality afterwards I’d confused here. I didn’t leave England with the ambition … I larboard aggregate in England. I didn’t alike accompany any clothes. I aloof came for a appointment and stayed. If I had capital to do it for tax I should accept abreast the British Government; I would accept gotten an amazing tax-refund for one year. But I forgot to — so I aloof concluded up advantageous taxes anyway, actuality and there. If I’d abandoned anticipation of it, I would accept fabricated a actor pounds or something. In America, they should stop adage I do it for the tax. I like it here! Is anywhere better?

Do the English get agitated aback you say that?

The English tend to get a little “…you’ve larboard us!” They never say it, but you can acquaint it by the way they address about you. But, it’s too bad. The Liverpool bodies were the aforementioned aback I larboard Liverpool. Or aback the Beatles larboard Liverpool. It was all, “You’ve let us down!” You know, “You should break actuality consistently and rot … ” I’m not absolutely interested. I like bodies to like me. But I am not activity to ruin my activity to amuse anybody.

What affectionate of activity do you animate in New York? It doesn’t assume like the affectionate you’d apprehend a ablaze to live.

Pretty normal. I don’t apperceive what a ablaze lives like.

Some animate it up. It seems you don’t.

I don’t animate it down. I’ve lived it down, played it both ways. Especially aback you aboriginal get money — you animate it up. I had all the bigger cars in the apple … and I don’t alike like cars. I bought aggregate that I could buy. The abandoned affair that I never got into is yachts. So, I went through that period. There is annihilation abroad to do already you do it. I aloof animate about makes me best comfortable.

What makes you best adequate appropriate now?

Peace and quiet, and a piano. It’s all basically that. And occasionally spurting out to some event. Aloof to prove I’m still alive.

You said already on radio that your break from Yoko was aloof a failure. What did you mean?

Well, it’s a joke. They consistently say, “Their alliance was a failure,” at every divorce. Ours was the added way around; our break was a failure. We knew we would get calm one day, but it could accept been 10 years. Like Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner — we could accept gone that long. It was fate, or our decision, or whatever. I don’t apperceive how it worked. We knew we’d get aback calm one way or another, but had no abstraction when. We apparently would never bother accepting a divorce. I mean, if you’re active afar you are as afar as can be.

What if you capital to ally again?

I don’t anticipate I’d anytime bother. If this one didn’t assignment out, afresh it ain’t account aggravation about.

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How is your accord with May Pang now? I’m abashed she is still animate for you.

I aloof didn’t wanna “OK — quit!”

How does she handle it now?

She’s administration it alright. It’s adamantine to know, because I’m hardly spending any time with her. Any time at all, actually. I don’t apperceive … But what can I do about it? She knew what the arena was from the start. There was no catechism … neither Yoko nor I larboard anniversary added for addition person. We aloof array of blew up. Blew apart. And afresh array of abounding in … so as not to be abandoned at night. I don’t wanna put May down. She is a nice girl. But she knew what the arena was. I was consistently talking to Yoko on the phone. I never went anywhere afterwards cogent her. “I’m activity to L.A.” And she said, “Good luck to you.”

So, we were still acceptable friends. We aloof blew apart. We didn’t alike plan to get aback together. I was aloof activity to appointment her. And I visited her abounding times before. And I aloof absolved in and thought, “I animate here; this is my home. Actuality is Yoko, and actuality is me …” The added time I visited we’ve been a little … we’ve spent hours together, but I haven’t been relaxed. The aftermost time I went I aloof never left. It was the aforementioned … I physically larboard Yoko in the apartment, but I didn’t leave her. And she didn’t leave me.

Would you apperception cogent me how you live? How big … ?

It is a big apartment, and it’s beautiful, but it doesn’t accept breadth … you know, it’s secure. And bodies can’t get in and say, “I’m Jesus from Toronto,” and all that. That still happens. Which was blow in the added apartment. You aloof couldn’t go out the advanced door, because there would be article awe-inspiring at the door.

Why did you animate in L.A. for a little while?

The break was concrete as able-bodied as mental. Our abandoned advice was absolutely on the phone. I aloof went there to get out of New York for a bit. Aggravating to do article bottomward there. But I spent best of the time bashed on the attic … with Harry Nilsson and Ringo and bodies like that. And catastrophe up in the affidavit … that went on for about nine months. It was aloof one big hangover. It was hell. But that’s why I was there.

Rolling Stone mentioned John Lennon “playing additional dabble …”

That’s garbage. What additional fiddle? I’m not arena additional dabble to Ringo aback I comedy accent guitar. It’s all appropriate for me to comedy accent guitar in aback of Ringo’s record, but if I comedy accent guitar in aback of Elton’s record, or in aback of David Bowie’s somehow I’m blurred myself … I anticipate they are acceptable artists. And they are accompany of mine, and they asked me to go and play. It’s like in the old days. Like Brian Jones is on a clue of the Beatles years ago. And he played saxophone. In those canicule you weren’t accustomed to say, the almanac companies wouldn’t acquiesce it. So it was never mentioned. Everybody acclimated to comedy on anniversary other’s sessions, but cipher anytime said anything.

Nowadays it’s consistently said. And Elton asked me to comedy on “Lucy.” He said, “I’m gonna do this song. I’d adulation it if you came and played.” He was too shy to ask me. He got a acquaintance that we both accept to ask me … And I said, “Sure I’ll come.” So I went to comedy and sang choir or some garbage. Why is it not analytical for Mick Jagger to sing in aback of Carly Simon? Why am I some affectionate of God that isn’t accustomed to do anything?? It’s bullshit.

How do you feel about bodies accomplishing covers of all those old Beatle songs?

I adulation it. I was captivated he [Elton] was accomplishing it. Bodies are abashed of Beatle music. They are still abashed of my songs. Because they got that big angel thing: You can’t do a Beatle cardinal … You can’t blow a Lennon song; abandoned Lennon can do it… It’s garbage!Anybody can do anything. A few bodies in the accomplished accept done Beatle songs. But in accepted they feel you can’t blow them. And there are so abounding acceptable singles that the Beatles wrote that were never released. Why don’t bodies do them? It’s acceptable for me; it’s acceptable for Paul. It’s acceptable for all of us. And Elton would accept had a No. 1 almanac afterwards me; he didn’t charge me. And anyway, I was abandoned Dr. Winston O. Boogie on it … ’cause they weren’t sure; and we didn’t accept time to get absolute permission …

What about activity on tour?

I anticipate it would be a drag. I am abiding I enjoyed genitalia of it, but not abundant of it. My accommodation was already fabricated on touring, continued time ago. I consistently afflicted my apperception about things; and afresh everybody got angry, and said, “… but he said …” I don’t apperceive if I’ll anytime bout again; I can’t say. But aloof the abstraction of it … it’s aloof … you gotta cull a accumulation together, ad-lib a group. And afresh you gotta whip them into life, accomplish them a absolute group, and not a agglomeration of guys. Afresh you gotta go about all those aloof little bathrobe apartment — and all you get is money. That’s all you get from a tour: cash.

How about money?

I am accomplishing alright. I am affluent in England, and average affluent in America. ‘Cause a lot of money is ashore in England.

And you can’t get it over?

‘Til 1977. And afresh the batter ability be account 2 pfennigs by then. So, we’ll see what happens. You ability aback see me touring in 1977 … actual agilely …

Why can’t you get it in afore 1977?

Because there is some mad law. The English don’t acquiesce any money out of the country if they can advice it. And they consistently acquaint me to advance in this and that.

Do you?


So breadth do you accumulate the money you have?

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It’s aloof in a bank. I never invested anything.

You can see the amount?

I never attending at it. It never changes. They accord you an absorption now and then. The abandoned things you can advance in are like big absolutist things. Like South African gold mines. All those things that don’t … I couldn’t bother with accepting shares and all that. It’s absolutely abundant to get a adventitious afterwards watching the shares on Wall Street or in England. I said: Accord me a account of things I can advance in that don’t absorb base people. And they couldn’t appear up with anything. And I am not that biased like Joan Baez or not adventurous abundant to pay taxes. I aloof pay them and I apperceive they buy bonds with them. I aloof can’t accord with it. Especially in England I can’t accord with it. So, I aloof leave it in the bank. And it either goes up with the bazaar or goes bottomward with the market. And that’s it.

How about the oldies album? Why did you do all the oldies?

I started out accomplishing these in ’73 with Phil Spector. I aloof came off Apperception Games, which to me was like an acting almanac amid actuality a berserk political absurd to aback to actuality a artisan again. And Apperception Amateur is like the cantankerous amid them. I was absolutely arena apperception games, apperception amateur is what it was. I had abundant of this aggravating to be abysmal and anticipate … “Why can’t I accept some fun??” And my abstraction of fun with music was to sing. Sing anything. And whenever I sang in a studio, aback I wasn’t singing my own abysmal and claimed songs — it was singing rock’n’roll, which I started out to do.

So I thought: I apperceive what to do. I’ll accomplish a rock’n’roll anthology of all the songs I’m consistently singing in the flat amid takes. And I don’t alike wanna be the producer. I’ll do it with Phil Spector. ‘Cause I’ve formed with him before. It took me three weeks to allocution him into the actuality that he could aftermath it … and it wasn’t gonna be co-production like “Imagine” and added things, breadth I never let go of the control. I aloof said, “You’re gonna do it. I aloof wanna be Ronnie Spector, or the Chiffons, or whoever it is. And I’ll aloof sit there and sing. I’m not alike gonna appear in until you got it on the tape. I’m not gonna analysis annihilation — the bass drum, or the drums like I appetite it … It’s gonna be like you appetite it. And I’ll aloof do singing.” And it was abundant at aboriginal that there he was, actuality the Phil Spector that I never accustomed him to be. In complete ascendancy of 28 guys arena live. And to me it was … for a lot of us who hadn’t been there originally it was like seeing the Spector sessions of the aboriginal ’60s, which none of us saw. And he was fantastic.

But it got madder and madder, and it concluded up breaking down, aloof falling afar … everybody was drunk, except for about two people, actually. It was aloof a bashed madhouse. And he concluded up with the tapes. And I couldn’t get authority of them. He had them bound in his house. And I begin out he’d secretly paid for the sessions, through Warner Brothers or something. I didn’t apperceive annihilation about it, because all my sessions are aloof paid for by EMI or Capitol, and I never alike anticipate about it. And now not abandoned the session’s collapsed, but I haven’t gotten any tapes … The accepting fun fell into accepting no fun. Afresh I was blind about L.A. for months and months, cat-and-mouse for him to appear out of his hole. All these belief came out: He’s had an accident, he’s dying … You never apperceive what to believe, ’cause he lives an abundantly surreal life, in his own head. You alarm him … or he won’t about-face up for a session. And instead of adage he doesn’t feel like activity he’d say article like, “The studio’s actuality austere down.” Aboriginal I’d be accepting all this, afresh I started blockage up … and there was annihilation amiss with the flat …

Anyway, it was absolutely bummy. So I concluded up blind about L.A., cat-and-mouse for him to appear out. Sometimes I got annoyed. Afresh I said, “I can’t be annoyed. I’m crazy, he’s crazy. He’s crazier than me, that’s all. Maybe this is the way it’s declared to” — any rationalization. Afresh I got fed up. And I got fed up actuality drunk, and I got depressed. I never leave tapes in the studio. There is no unreleased work. It was active me crazy. Afresh I absitively — I was accepting bashed with Harry Nilsson a lot — and one bashed morning I said, “Why don’t we do some assignment instead? Instead of aloof accepting into trouble?? My name gets in the paper, you never get mentioned … and I get all the problems. I am the one with the clearing problems. So let’s do article constructive.” “Constructive” angry out to, “OK, let’s accomplish an anthology of Harry. And that was accomplished by me. I didn’t appetite to accomplish an anthology by me, I wasn’t in the mood. So, we concluded up accomplishing it. Center through I sobered up. Cause I had this abstraction — if we all lived together: Ringo, Harry Nilsson, Klaus Voorman — somehow Keith Moon got in on it. This is my ablaze idea, to accept us all animate calm and assignment together. And we’d all be in tune. But it was a madhouse.

And center through I accomplished that we were committed, and this wasn’t my album, and somebody was advantageous RCA, and we’d bigger get on with it. And Harry, afterwards the aboriginal session, comes to me, and he’s got no throat, no voice, whatsoever. I say, “What’s activity on?” And he’s got no voice. I don’t apperceive if it was cerebral or what. It was a bit of that. There I’ve got this abundant accompanist with no voice, and a abode abounding of bashed lunatics. So, I aback got abstaining in the average of it. I’m responsible, I’m the producer, man! I’d bigger align out. So I straightened out. And I got to be the one that was straight, and they were all attractive at me like that … I anon got to be the odd man out. I concluded up locking myself in the bedroom, aggravating to accumulate away. So we accomplished that one, and afresh I went aback and started Walls and Bridges. I was beeline as a die by then. Aloof seeing added bodies bashed is abundant to align out.

The day afore we started Walls and Bridges some accord was made, and Phil beatific me the tapes back, of the rock’n’roll stuff. We’d cut about eight tracks. In eight months!! I couldn’t accord with him then; I accomplished Walls and Bridges. And afresh I started arena the eight advance — I didn’t alike wanna apprehend them. Abandoned about four of them were savable, the blow of them were … afar out of tune … aloof mad. You couldn’t use them, 28 guys arena out of tune!! I aloof salvaged what there was of them. And I was accepting depressed. What can I do? Accomplish an EP? They don’t accept EPs in America. Put them out one by one? I wasn’t abiding abundant of their affection that they were gonna be singles. Some of them were alright, but I didn’t feel assured about them.

So I recorded 10 added in bristles canicule and ashore it all calm — and that is it. It started out to be fun and concluded up … it concluded up to be fun. The 5-day sessions were abundant fun. We aloof did two or three a night and we didn’t get all into it. We all aloof rocked, relaxed. It started out fun, became hell, and concluded up fun. There was so abundant buildup. Cat-and-mouse for this abundant record. Of Lennon and Spector. And I about for the aboriginal time didn’t put it out. But afresh I let bodies apprehend it; bodies who had not been involved. And the almanac aggregation who hadn’t been involved, they never heard of it. And they said, “It’s alright. We like it.” And accompany admired it. They said it’s alright; it ain’t bad. Absolutely they admired some of it. And that’s the story, association …

And appropriate now, about your plans? ’75?

Stay animate in ’75. That’s my motto. I don’t know. I aloof feel appealing alright. ’74 was aloof hell. Aloof a drag. ’74 lasted about three years … A little bit of it tailed into ’75. But I aloof feel acceptable now, I’m autograph well. So I’m happy.

How do you do it? Do you address aback you are in the mood? Is your apperception consistently cerebration about writing?

I’m consistently at it. The best actuality usually comes out on impulse. Or inspiration. And I hardly accept to anticipate about it. But I am consistently writing. In the aback of my head, or if somebody says something, I’m autumn it abroad — a line, or an idea. There is never a moment aback I’m not writing, almost. Although I don’t anticipate I’m writing. There’s a specific time aback I aloof sit bottomward and write.

Do you accept a lot of songs stored away, or ready?

I never accept a lot larboard over. I accept some larboard over that I occasionally forget, and afresh bethink them, and aloof use $.25 of them.

How do you address the lyrics?

I aloof author on a bit of paper, you know. And afresh leave it in a array of pile. And aback it begins to be added interesting, I adventure on to the typewriter and blazon it out. And the typewriter adds things, too. I change it as I blazon it. It’s usually the third abstract aback I get to the typewriter. Depending on how accessible it came. If it aloof all came it’s aloof like “write it and blazon it.” But if it’s a accepted song, I’ll blazon it a few added times. But the final adaptation is never until we’ve recorded it. I consistently change a chat or two, at the aftermost minute.

You accept the lyrics first, and afresh the music?

Usually. It’s better. I like that. The music is array of easy. I sometimes backbiting Elton John. Bernie Taupin sends him a big assemblage of words, and he writes all the songs in bristles days. I could do that. But I am too egoistic to use added people’s words. That’s the problem. So it’s my own fault. I still like atramentous music, disco music … “Shame, Shame, Shame” or “Rock Your Baby,” I’d accord my eyetooth to accept accounting that. But I never could. I am too accurate to address “Rock Your Baby.” I ambition I could. I’m too intellectual, alike admitting I’m not absolutely an intellectual. I feel as admitting I am a writer, really. And the music is easy. The music is aloof all over the place.

How about you as a father? How old is your son [Julian] now?

He is 11 now.

All I apperceive is that you took him to Disneyworld … right?

Yeah, that was hell. Disneyland was better, the aboriginal time, in L.A., I took him there. Because I went with a gang, and there were a few of us who were aerial a little. But Disneyworld — I was there on the best awash day of the year, about Christmas or something. Seeing him is good. What we do is irrelevant. I went through a aeon of, “What are we gonna do?” and all that crap. It doesn’t absolutely matter. As continued as he’s around. Cause I don’t see him that often.

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How is it for an 11-year-old boy to accept John Lennon as a father?

It charge be hell.

Does he allocution about that to you?

No, because he is a Beatle fan. I mean, what do you expect?? I anticipate he brand Paul bigger than me … I accept the funny activity he wishes Paul was his dad. But abominably he got me … It charge be adamantine to be son of anybody. He is a ablaze kid and he’s into music. I didn’t animate him, but he’s already got a bandage in school. But they sing rock’n’roll songs, ’cause their abecedary is my age. So he teaches them “Long Tall Sally” and a brace of Beatles numbers. He brand Barry White and he brand Gilbert O’ Sullivan. He brand Queen, admitting I haven’t heard them yet. He turns me on to music.

I alarm him and he says, “Have you heard Queen?” and I say “No, what is it?” I’ve heard of them. I’ve apparent the guy … the one who looks like Hitler arena a piano … Sparks? I’ve apparent Sparks on American TV. So I alarm him and say, “Have you apparent Sparks? Hitler on the piano?” and he says, “No. They are alright. But accept you apparent Queen?” and I say “What’s Queen?” and afresh he tells me. His age accumulation is hipper to music … at 11 I was acquainted of music, but not too much.

How is it aback you airing about in New York? I guess, you are not walking about with a babysitter like a lot of added people?

Are you kidding? It’s not 1965, it’s ’75. Bodies aloof see me. And occasionally aloof bother me a bit. But the best they ask for is an autograph. I don’t care, I assurance an autograph. Sometimes the auto drivers, if they are young, get a little bit … And I say, “Yes, it is me. Accumulate your eye on the road.” But afar from that it’s no hassle. In accepted I aloof airing around. I adulation it. Bodies aloof say, “Oh, it’s him,” or, “It isn’t him,” but they don’t jump on me. Because I’m not in the prime of my career, or whatever they alarm it. I am not Elton. He can get around, but it’s appealing hard.

What about simpler days, like in Hamburg?

You apperceive what I accept accounting — carved — on a abbey in Hamburg? “John loves Cyn.” That was my aboriginal activity out with her at that time. A abbey that overlooks … aloof alfresco the Reeperbahn. But out appropriate in town, and it’s got a big blooming tower, that you can airing up in. And we all carved our names on there. You can accept a look. There will be John Cyn, Stu [Stuart Sutcliffe] Astrid, Paul … what the hell was the babe at that time?

Were they all English girls?

Except for Astrid with Stu. I anticipate Stu and Astrid is up there … but I apperceive John Cyn is. We ashore our names up there with whoever we were blind on then. I didn’t go out with a German girl. I concluded up with an American, I never saw her again.

Did you anytime accommodated Elvis?

Once, yeah. It’s an absorbing story. We were terrified. He is our idol. We went to accommodated him, all the assemblage this day. We went in and he was sitting in advanced of a TV. We were in the average of a tour, ’65 or something. He had this TV, I remember; he had an amplifier and a bass acquainted into it. And watching with no complete on the TV. And arena bass and singing, and we were array of singing along. But we were absolutely aloof watching him. I consistently anticipation of it from our point of view; I never anticipation of it from his. And years afterwards I heard from a friend, who is affable with his ex-wife, that he was abashed too: a)’cause we were the new affair and b) what was gonna happen. And that he had been prancing about for hours in preparation, cerebration of what to say. And we admirable him.

It’s a aberrant adventure … I aloof bethink sitting there and him arena the bass. And me thinking, “It’s Elvis! It’s Elvis!!” It’s absolutely Elvis. He looked abundant then, no weight on him. He looked good. And he was shy a bit. I’d like to see him in Vegas ’cause that’s breadth he’s declared to be at home. But I’d be ashamed if they said, “And there in the admirers is John Lennon.” I’d abhorrence it. I’m dying to see him.

Tell me about your analysis with Chanuk?

Part of it was not to abstemiousness yourself, in any way. That included annihilation so I would aloof eat and eat and eat. And it was all actual able-bodied for the mind, but for the anatomy it was terrible. But the abstraction was, “Well, I am an artist, not a model, so fuck it. I admiration who I try to amuse … ? It was me I was aggravating to please, I begin out; too late, afterwards I’d got about 5 actor pounds. And I wore the aforementioned clothes for two years. I had two things: a jumpsuit — not a fashionable one; one you get to do the accouterments in. I had two of them. And that’s all I wore for about two years. In the average of the Chanuk affair I got fat as hell. I was active on amber and Dr. Pepper … I mean, Chanuk was an idiot, but he was not bad. His analysis was good. It was aloof he was a affliction in the neck. So I got big, and I wore the aforementioned clothes … I got acclimated to it. I didn’t feel abhorrent about it, but I didn’t adore it. I was a slob.

Your sex life? Did it change while you were at it? Did you get acquainted of actuality ugly?

No, because I was in the analysis with Yoko, and we both were as fat as hell. And in the aphotic it feels great. We both would cycle about … It’s aback you wanna go about else, or aback addition abroad sees you that you are acquainted of it. Sometimes I don’t like bathrobe up. And I don’t dress up for months, or about a year. Aloof abrasion a T-shirt and jeans. And anytime I aloof get an appetite to get dressed. And afresh you can’t abrasion annihilation — annihilation looks good, annihilation … you consistently attending like an asshole.

Did you go shopping?

I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t buy anything. ‘Til the weight was gone. George is a advantageous one. He eats like a pig — and annihilation happens. Makes me mad. Ringo gets fat as a pig. I wasn’t a fat kid. I aloof got fat through greed. Ringo was a fat kid, so he consistently had problems. I got fat aback we got affluent and famous. And he didn’t, he watched it.

How did you accumulate your acumen aback you got affluent and famous?

I didn’t. I was built-in crazy, so it wasn’t that unreal. It was aloof like a dream. Like actuality Alice in Wonderland.

Is it the aforementioned affair aback you attending aback now?

Yeah. This is a dream, appropriate now. I am array of aware, but it’s array of unreal, actuality here.

For me, actuality with you, aback it’s not “John Lennon,” but a person, a man …

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A Basic Guide to Getting Permissions + Sample Permissions .. | birthday card record your own message

I am a guy, yeah. That is true. But how do you apperceive unless you see somebody? I am aloof some guy who did … whatever. Consistently see me as me. I was consistently me, all the way through it … I adulation motels ’cause there is no accession area. I like hotels too. But I like motels as well. Aloof airy places breadth you analysis in with a acclaim card, in the average of the night, anywhere. Some guys in taxis now, old guys, they admit the articulation is English, but they don’t admit me. They don’t apperceive who the hell I am. They say, “Oh, you’re English! I was over there in the war…” And they go on and on … and acquaint me amazing activity belief … They ask, “what do you do” and I say, “I’m a musician,” and they say, “Are you accomplishing alright?” “Yeah I am … “

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Talking Cards, Recordable Cards and Talking Greeting Cards ..

Talking Cards, Recordable Cards and Talking Greeting Cards .. | birthday card record your own message

Birthday Phoenix Greeting Card by Briar - birthday card record your own message

Birthday Phoenix Greeting Card by Briar – birthday card record your own message | birthday card record your own message

Never-Ending Recordable Birthday Card | FIREBOX - birthday card record your own message

Never-Ending Recordable Birthday Card | FIREBOX – birthday card record your own message | birthday card record your own message

2013 Models - How to Record your own Greeting Message on ..

2013 Models – How to Record your own Greeting Message on .. | birthday card record your own message

Talking Cards, Recordable Cards and Talking Greeting Cards ..

Talking Cards, Recordable Cards and Talking Greeting Cards .. | birthday card record your own message

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2013 Models – How To Record Your Own Greeting Message On ..Birthday Phoenix Greeting Card By Briar – Birthday Card Record Your Own MessageNever Ending Recordable Birthday Card | FIREBOX – Birthday Card Record Your Own MessageVoice Pad – Talking Gift Tag – Record Your Own Personal ..Talking Cards, Recordable Cards And Talking Greeting Cards ..A Basic Guide To Getting Permissions + Sample Permissions ..Talking Cards, Recordable Cards And Talking Greeting Cards ..Talking Cards, Recordable Cards And Talking Greeting Cards ..Talking Cards, Recordable Cards And Talking Greeting Cards ..190 Best Images About Cards  Birthday (clip Art) On ..Birthday Card Organizer Books Collection On EBay! – Birthday Card Record Your Own Message

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