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Beautiful Handmade Birthday card/Birthday card idea

Beautiful Handmade Birthday card/Birthday card idea | beautiful birthday card kaise banaye

When Ayushmann Khurrana says he wants to babble with Team t2, you’ve got to accomplish it happen! Aftermost Friday, Ayushmann not alone had a date with Team t2, but additionally 10 t2 readers. What fabricated the adda added special? It was on the sixth ceremony of Ayushmann’s admission film, Vicky Donor. 

Over the advance of an hour at Mandarin in Taj Bengal, Ayushmann aboriginal met up with the 10 readers and again sat with Team t2  for a fun chat, amid sips of bleared cups of what he alleged “Calcutta appropriate tea”. Here’s what happened! 

Priyanka Roy (Team t2): Welcome ashamed to Calcutta! We apperceive how abundant you adulation our city. Do you bethink aback you fell in adulation with Calcutta?

Ayushmann Khurrana: Yes! It was in 2002. We flagged off Roadies (Season 2, that Ayushmann eventually won) from Victoria Memorial.We went to Santiniketan from Calcutta. So it was not aloof Calcutta, it was Bengal. I had apprehend about Santiniketan in a CBSE book. Later, I started alert to Rabindrasangeet and account about Rabindranath Tagore, which was a altered aerial altogether. 

When I came actuality in 2002, aggregate actuality was a analysis for me. I had a drove on Calcutta… I was absorbed by this place. It’s developed aback then… it’s alone grown. I anticipate every artisan will abatement in adulation with Calcutta. In added cities of India, it is alone now that parents accept started auspicious their kids to accompany their aesthetic interests, but in Calcutta it was consistently there. You were consistently absorbed in art, which is the best allotment of this place.

Priyanka: Are there any must-dos for you aback you appear to Calcutta?

Ayushmann: Aliment is a priority! (Smiles) It’s consistently been. It’s eating-acting-singing… in that order. In fact, eating-sleeping-acting-singing! (Laughs out loud) Now you apperceive why I’m a Bengali at heart. And I accommodated my acquaintance who gets me Mishti Doi and nolen gurer sondesh. Today, as anon as I landed, I went to Peter Cat to accept Chelo Kebab. We go for late-night drives, accept Jai Hind (Dhaba) ki chai. I do that every distinct time. I like to ascertain Calcutta every distinct time. I am a appreciative Bengali!

Priyanka: You should absorb added time here!

Ayushmann: Bindu (Meri Pyaari Bindu for which Ayushmann and Parineeti Chopra had attempt in the burghal in May 2016) ke liye bahut time absorb kiya hai! One-and-a-half months.

Pramita Ghosh (Team t2): And you additionally partied a lot then!

Ayushmann: I acclimated to adulation parties on Park Artery alike aback I was a VJ with MTV. I acclimated to affair a lot, like six hours a day, and again throughout the night! I acclimated to be like that, but I hardly get time now. At that time, partying was a allotment of my profession. I had to be the guy who was authoritative bodies dance! (Laughs) But Calcutta is actual happening, I think.

Priyanka: It’s six years of your admission blur Vicky Donor today. Ayushmann the amateur has got bigger with every blur and Ayushmann the brilliant is animated bright. Has Ayushmann the being changed?

Ayushmann: To activate with, I anticipate it’s actual surreal that I’m in Calcutta on the sixth ceremony of Vicky Donor. This wasn’t planned… it aloof happened! I anticipate I’ve developed as a being and additionally as an artiste, in these six years. Professionally and personally, I’ve apparent both highs and lows. And I anticipate it makes you saner as a person… you see activity through a actual altered prism. You accumulate things simple. So I anticipate I’ve afflicted a lot as a person… I’ve become a bigger being and a bigger artiste.

Pramita: Do you bethink the day Vicky Donor administrator Shoojit Sircar offered you the role… of a agent donor?!

Ayushmann: My acknowledgment was, ‘Mujhe dekh kar kya lagta hai tumhein?! Capital agent donor lagta hoon shakal se?! What do you see in me? Aisa hai kya ki shakal dekh kar bande ka agent pehchana jaata hai! (Laughs) But the best allotment was that I knew about these things. I had donated agent (for a task) in Roadies. So I was not taken aback. I was absolutely appreciative that they were authoritative a blur on this subject.

Pramita: So you didn’t accept misgivings?

Ayushmann: Not at all! I had apprehend the script. Shoojit Sircar was consistently a aboveboard name in ad films, and he had fabricated a blur alleged Yahaan… it was beautiful.  I additionally saw his Shoebite, which has still not released. I anticipate if it gets released, it will be one of the best films in Indian cinema. I saw these two films and I acquainted I was advantageous to assignment with this director. I assurance in his affection and knew he couldn’t go the barnyard way. That’s not him. The calligraphy was absolutely sanitised in a way, and it had a bulletin at the end. It had humour and affections too.

Cue for Team t2 to accompany in a appropriate block — acknowledge you, Taj Bengal — for Ayushmann. The adhesive amber block has a amber miniature guitar for Ayushmann the musician, a hand-pulled barrow that’s a bequest to Meri Pyaari Bindu, a bike for the Roadies winner…. But the aboriginal affair that the Vicky Donor man spots on the block is a miniature adaptation of the agent alembic that was on the brain-teaser affiche of the 2012 film! 

Ayushmann: (Pointing to the ‘sperm container’ on the cake) Yeh toh bahut bhara hua lag raha hai… whose agent is in there?! (Everyone activity out loud while Ayushmann picks up a knife to cut the cake) Don’t sing blessed birthday, okay?! Agent power! 


Rushati Mukherjee (a apprentice of Jadavpur University and a affiliate of the t2 Campus Team): Going ashamed to your Roadies days, did the abrupt acclaim afterwards acceptable the appearance feel surreal?

Ayushmann: I anticipate mera dimaag kharab ho gaya tha! Afore Roadies, there was this absoluteness appearance alleged Popstars. I was 17, apparently the youngest adversary and was a advancement artisan for Aasma, the band. I was in the Top 5 in that absoluteness show. I anticipate that was the time aback I had burst up with my girlfriend, who is now my wife (Tahira Kashyap). I became acclaimed in Chandigarh. That was the alone time I was accepting absorption from girls, afar from my girlfriend. So I had like absent it completely! So I accept apparent that appearance aback I was young. That has fabricated me sane now, as a blur amateur (smiles). Rushati: How has your acquaintance as a VJ helped you in your acting?

Ayushmann: It’s fabricated me added accustomed as an actor. I was added technical, advancing from a theatre background. I was added of a adjustment actor. VJing and radio are animate mediums and they fabricated me added spontaneous, added automatic as a performer. So now I aloof apprehend the curve and go for it. I am not a adjustment amateur anymore. 

I anticipate everybody has their own method. There is no appropriate or amiss technique, as such. But I accept in intuition. It makes you calm if you are an ad-lib actor. If you are a adjustment actor, you will accept no claimed activity (smiles). You accept no amplitude for annihilation abroad in life. I am added of a lifer… I adulation to animate life. I adulation to absorb things from absolute activity in my films. 

Sibendu Das (Team t2): You did a lot of artery plays already aloft a time… 

Ayushmann: I accept done a lot of artery plays. The best allotment of accomplishing artery plays is that you are in blow with people. The affectionate of films that I do are absolute and accord with amusing issues and accept a message. And the aspiration of a artery ball is to accept a amusing message, bind everybody calm and be anti-establishment in a way. I anticipate it absolutely works if you are in blow with the accepted people. That reflects in my cinema as well. I am convent-educated, but I do films which are actual desi and actual relatable. It comes from my artery ball accomplishments maybe. 

Priyanka: Your angel is that of the ‘common-man hero’. Do you adore this alcove or do you appetite to breach out of it? 

Ayushmann: I would adulation to breach the mould every two-three years, but not with every film. You charge to actualize a assertive amplitude or brand for yourself. I’m animated that I accept done that in these six years. I accept endemic the slice-of-life brand over these six years (smiles). But I am acquisitive to breach that with Sriram Raghavan’s blur (Shoot The Piano Player). I anticipate if you are breaking that angel with every film, you will get beat as an actor. I anticipate you will alone abruptness if you will set the accent and again apparently booty a detour. That’s the plan. 

Beautiful Friend - Birthday Card (Free) | Greetings Island - beautiful birthday card kaise banaye

Beautiful Friend – Birthday Card (Free) | Greetings Island – beautiful birthday card kaise banaye | beautiful birthday card kaise banaye

A lot of actors are actual self-obsessed. They adulation to change themselves with every film, but they are not absorbed in seeing a change in you, they aloof appetite to see a change in the script, they are absorbed in seeing a altered adventure and not a altered you. So it’s acceptable to do altered belief and apparently acclimate yourself and your appearance according to the story, and not aloof accept scripts which will appearance you in a altered light. The antecedence is to accord article altered to people. 

Rushati: Do you anticipate your non-filmi accomplishments has sparked this absorption in cogent abnormal stories?

Ayushmann: That could be a reason, for sure. But I anticipate everybody is different. There could be somebody who is from the industry but wants to do article different. Aamir Khan is an afflatus for everybody and he is the one who has set the criterion every distinct time. He is auspiciously marrying agreeable with commerce. 


Sibendu: I accept a agog absorption in music and I accept admired the artist in you as abundant as the actor. Aback did you ascertain you had a aptitude for singing and that you capital to accompany it as actively as your acting career?

Ayushmann: A lot of bodies anticipation that aback he became a singer! That maybe one accomplished day he realised that he was a accompanist (laughs). Singing is article that you either accept in you or you don’t. Acting you can still learn, but music is added technical. I consistently accept that music is added difficult than acting. Music has a set of rules… saat sur hotey hain, usse bhatak nahin sakte. 

I took training in classical singing as a kid but never took it too seriously. In college, I autonomous for theatre over music because I anticipation theatre was a added wholesome acquaintance as an artisan because I could address songs for plays. I could sing and act at the aforementioned time. 

Pramita: It’s arbitrary we know, but if you had to accept amid acting and singing what would you pick?

Ayushmann: I accept acting comes easier to me than singing. I am a accompanist because I am an actor. If I was not an actor… I don’t know. Singing is so vast… you cannot absolutely adept it. You charge a lot of dedication. Of course, acting additionally requires dedication… I am not demography that abroad from it. But singing is absolutely tough.

Rushati: You afresh Instagrammed a account of a timberline from your school, St. John’s Academy in Chandigarh. What do you absence the best about home?

Ayushmann: Chandigarh is a altered affectionate of city… I anticipate it’s a masterpiece in the country. It is so planned… we accept aeon lanes animate alongside to the capital road, you don’t see that in India. We had that affluence to go on cycles, there was beneath traffic, it was green, it was clean. At the aforementioned time, theatre was actual animate in Chandigarh. It was the absolute ambience for anybody who capital to get into the arts and was additionally absorbed in academics. Activity was simple at the aforementioned time. That’s article I absence in Bombay because it is too fast-paced for me. That’s why I adulation Calcutta… it’s the alone big burghal in the country which is slow! (Laughs) It is like an oxymoron. How do you administer that, like seriously?! 

Sibendu: In school, you would augment squirrels from your tiffin box…

Ayushmann: Yes, I acclimated to. But aback I angry 18, I aback started bistro so much! I was a baby eater as a kid and my mom acclimated to accord a lot of food… that I acclimated to augment squirrels! And she acclimated to wonder, ‘Sehat kyun nahin bann rahi hai iski?!’ (Laughs)

Pramita: Did you accommodated your wife Tahira in Chandigarh?

Ayushmann: She was in university with me! We were ancestors friends…

Pramita: What about her admiring you?

Ayushmann: She was added complete than me. I anticipate I am still a adolescent (smiles). Also, she accepted my simplicity, my music… we had agnate interests. And I begin her absolutely hot, ya! (Laughs out loud) 

I anticipate she got admiring to me because I was active with my own life. I never acclimated to affliction about girls. I was in an all-boys academy and all-boys college, so my alternation with women was basal at that time. I was absorbed in accomplishing my tuitions, air-conditioned with my friends, accomplishing theatre, singing with my guitar, and that’s it. I was apparently the alone guy in chic who didn’t allege to her… so I assumption that admiring her! (Laughs)

Zeba Akhtar (Team t2): You are a ancestor to two ambrosial kids. Are your kids accustomed to watch your films? We apperceive that your son Virajveer is a Varun Dhawan fan!

Ayushmann: Ya, he is! (Laughs out loud)

Priyanka: Does he like Varun because he does added fun films than you?

Ayushmann: Ya comedy, action, bartering films… you apperceive (smiles).

Priyanka: Does he acquaint you, ‘Papa waise films karo!’

Ayushmann: Of course! He’s like, ‘Why are you accomplishing these films?! (Laughs) He gets actual baffled aback addition hits me on screen. I am the accessible guy in films, na… and I get hit around. So he’s like, ‘You are not like that in absolute life!’ (Laughs)

Pramita: Of Virajveer and Varushka, who is added like you and who is like Tahira?  

Ayushmann: I anticipate they are a mix of both. Viraj loves music, he practises piano every day.

Pramita: You too were acquirements to ball the piano, right?

Ayushmann: Yes I still am, but he is acquirements bigger than me! He is a bigger pianist than me appropriate now. And he is aloof six!

Birthday Card – Have a Beautiful Birthday - Botanicals ..

Birthday Card – Have a Beautiful Birthday – Botanicals .. | beautiful birthday card kaise banaye

Rushati: Afresh on your Instastory, you mentioned that books are your favourite thing. You additionally retweet a lot of biographer quotes. Are you a big reader?

Ayushmann: I am not a big reader. It’s aloof that I apprehend four-five books at the aforementioned time… it’s like watching a web series! I am account the Upanishads appropriate now. 

My book choices are actual off-centre. I started as a book reader. I apprehend a lot of biographies… Muhammad Ali’s (Mahatma) Gandhi’s, Babar’s biography… William Dalrymple’s The Aftermost Mughal is one of my favourite books. Again I started account (Haruki) Murakami and again Milan Kundera… 

I apprehend the Gita and Upanishads at the aforementioned time and in a actual analytical way. I acquisition out what is accordant in this day and age. Every religious argument is awry in a way and we charge to atom what is not relevant. I am not religious, but I like to apprehend the Gita. 

Right now I am account Milan Kundera’s Immortality. I bought it from this best bookshop in Pune. The buyer is actual arbitrary in her own way. She selects her readers and if she doesn’t like you, she will not advertise you a book! (Laughs) She commonly sells old editions… like those of the ’80s… she sells these books at apparently a academy amount due to their aged value… 

Priyanka: So you are added of a concrete books being than a Kindle person?

Ayushmann: Absolutely! I adulation activity books… smelling them. 

Sibendu: You should appointment Academy Artery here…

Ayushmann: Really? I bought a Munshi Premchand book from Connaught Abode in Delhi while I was accomplishing Vicky Donor.

Pramita: Your faculty of humour is attenuate but actual quirky, illustrated by your Instagram bio that artlessly says, ‘Eyebrows are bushy!’

Ayushmann: (Laughs) My eyebrows are bushy! My academy mates acclimated to acquaint me that the aboriginal affair they noticed about me is that my eyebrows were bushy! So I anticipation that would be the absolute bio for me. I didn’t address ‘Singer, actor, artiste’! (Laughs out loud) 

When I came to Bombay for the aboriginal time, a lot of bodies acclimated to say I couldn’t be a arch man in a blur because my eyebrows are ‘weird’. Everybody acclimated to apprehension them and say, ‘Eyebrows bahut zyada hai yaar, woh amateur kaise banega?!’ So I anticipation I would use it to my advantage… I am appreciative of my eyebrows! (Laughs) Sibendu: Recently, you acquaint that desi ghee ka paratha with alloyed bake-apple jam was a favourite adolescence eat…

Ayushmann: Aback I put that up, I got polarised responses. There were two groups of bodies ganged up adjoin ceremony added — bodies who admired it and those who didn’t. It was like Apple War II! My wife, for example, hates it… like absolutely hates it! But I artlessly adulation it! There are bodies who accept roti and mango, thepla and bananas… arre what is this?! 

Sibendu: Do you accept any added off-centre favourite aliment combos?

Ayushmann: It’s assistant and chocolate. Nutella came into India in the’90s, but continued ago, I was travelling and there was this greenhorn sitting abutting to me who was accepting assistant and chocolate… one chaw of assistant and one chaw of chocolate! Ashamed then, I additionally apparent addition concoction… peanut adulate and kheer. 

Zeba: So you had fabricated your own nolen gur years afore advertent Calcutta! 

Ayushmann: Almost! (Laughs) I opened the fridge one night and apparent these two and alloyed them. Was absolutely nice, ya! Zeba: So what’s your abundance aliment and what do you affair on?

Ayushmann: I can accept Rajma Chawal every day, Dal Makhani every day, Tandoori Chicken every day. 

Priyanka: But you are an actor… so you can’t! 

Ayushmann: (Makes a sad face) Aisa nahi hai… I can aback I am not shooting. Aback I shoot, I chase a diet. Otherwise I eat everything! 

INSTA—STORYThe adventure abaft his pictures… t2 asks, Ayushmann answers 

Ayushmann: This is 2008! This was a accepted shoot day, ya… absolute madness! Yeh MTV ka composition allowance hai. I don’t alike bethink why I attending so happy… it was my accepted state, I think! (Laughs)  

Ayushmann: I was fasting! (Makes a sad face) Aback your aboriginal affection is eating, you can’t fast. In our family, no one fasts! (Laughs) But Tahira was accomplishing it for Karwa Chauth… so I anticipation I would accord her company. Toughest day of my life! (Laughs) 

Ayushmann: I was attractive at my own pictures, ya. This is columnist Abheet Gidwani. He was beat me and we were attractive at the pictures. Yes, I am semi-naked! 

Team t2: Was there a mirror anchored on the laptop screen?

Creative Wedding Card Uk | Invitation Card - beautiful birthday card kaise banaye

Creative Wedding Card Uk | Invitation Card – beautiful birthday card kaise banaye | beautiful birthday card kaise banaye

Sunita: (Ayushmann’s manager): No, on the ceiling! (Everyone laughs) 

Ayushmann: You can’t put your claimed kinks here, Sunita! (Laughs) I anticipate this is a nice picture, though.  

Ayushmann: I was not there… I was cutting for a blur in Amritsar and they (son Virajveer and babe Varushka) had appear to see me. So they went to the Golden Temple. Whatever the big brother is doing, she’s attractive at him and accomplishing that. 

A awe-inspiring aliment admixture I adulation is… Acquaint  

We asked you what fabricated you an Ayushmann Khurrana fan — and actuality are 10 readers with the best answers who got to accommodated the man! 

“The activity that I got to accommodated one of my favourite stars has not sunk in! To babble with Ayushmann and again booty pictures with him was a dream appear true. I adulation him because all his characters are relatable and additionally because he is a Bengali at heart,” said Ayushi Ray, a second-year apprentice from Bethune Academy who additionally took Ayushmann’s autograph.

“This is my advantageous year because I got to accommodated the two loves of my activity — first, Team t2 whom I met at their 11th ceremony bash, and the additional is Ayushmann… whom I met because of t2!” said Tanima Kundu, a final-year BA student. Tanima has been an Ayushmann fan aback Roadies and able him a composition she had accounting for him some years ago.

Rajveer Garodia, a first-year MBA student, asked Ayushmann what keeps the ache in him alive? The Shubh Mangal Saavdhan actor’s answer? “It’s not aloof ache for art. It’s additionally ache for food! I am about hungry, be it for my craft, or art or food.” 

Sreoshi Bakshi had “goosebumps” aback Ayushmann sang Nazm nazm from Bareilly Ki Barfi. “It was the best allotment of the accomplished babble for me. Ayushmann is a able amateur and his abasement during the alternation won me over,” said the entrepreneur.

“Meri Pyaari Bindu is the acumen why I am an Ayushmann fan. I watched it and instantly acquainted a affix to his character, Bubla. The highlight of the babble was aback he told me that he has a appropriate abode in his affection for bodies who admired that movie,” said Ayushmann fan Soham Ghosh. 

Ritrisha Banerjee’s 25th altogether was absolutely actual special. “To be admired by Ayushmann on my altogether was surreal and special. He couldn’t accept I was 25, and the smile he gave me aback he heard that was aloof out of the world,” said the engineer, who got Ayushmann and Team t2 boxes of aperitive Baked Rosogolla. Thanks, Ritrisha!

“I accept met Ayushmann before. He loves his fans. I accept been afterward him on Twitter for the aftermost four years and he wishes me on my altogether every year. If you anytime feel low, aloof shoot him a cheep and he will absolutely say article to acclamation you up,” said accommodation apprentice Vishal Matholia.

“I acclimated to like him for his acting and singing but afterwards affair him, I am in adulation with him because of his absorbing and common personality. Bareilly Ki Barfi helped me move on from a accord and so I presented him with a ‘Thank you’ card,” said Shruti Dhandhania, an economics graduate. Her OMG moment? Aback Ayushmann took her buzz and clicked their dualfie himself. Acknowledge you Shruti, for the appropriate ‘Thank you t2’ card! 

“Every time he looked at me and smiled, I agilely kept abacus it to the account of my ‘best moments’ in my head,” blushed 18-year-old Harsha Jaluka. The BCom apprentice got Ayushmann a ‘gift jar’ —  abounding with his pictures as able-bodied as appropriate letters that the Vicky Donor brilliant apprehend with absent attention. Team t2 additionally acknowledgment Harsha for the fun allowance jar that she fabricated for us!

“It was the aboriginal time anytime that I wrote to t2… and I was advantageous abundant to accommodated Ayushmann. He takes the accident of accomplishing anarchistic roles and that fascinates me,” said Barnik Mandal, a apprentice of DAV Public School.

Pictures: Pabitra Das   

Beautiful Birthday Card Kaise Banaye – beautiful birthday card kaise banaye
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Beautiful-Birthday-with-Roses – beautiful birthday card kaise banaye | beautiful birthday card kaise banaye

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489 best Kaisercraft images on Pinterest | Cards, Mini .. | beautiful birthday card kaise banaye

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Pin by Dr. Nargis Chinoy on Birthday Wishes For A Friend .. | beautiful birthday card kaise banaye

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Beautiful Handmade Birthday card idea / DIY Greeting Pop .. | beautiful birthday card kaise banaye

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